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Just say who won the small contest and some news like the date when Open Beta comes out and when the Winner can test the closed Beta

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No one guessed the right name. There were some Funny attempts i will name them:

- The VONG by Jeedai
- Elektric Magnetic Ewoks by Jeedai
- The replicators by Pingu2212

So just 1 has found out the Main Weapon of the Super Weapon:

The Electro Magnetic Cannon by Todd83

So Gratulations to Todd83 he won the position for the Beta Tester. :)

Okey here are the Main Datas of the Superweapon:

-Big as a Executor Star Dreadgnought
-Uncountable numbers of Troops on it
-Lots of Weapons
-Use a Electro Magnetic Cannon to "clean" a planet from all Machines.
- The Name: Doombringer.

Now to the Closed btw. Open Beta:

When all goes the right way the closed Beta for our Beta testers comes out in December and the Open Beta comes out in the middle of January.

What will include the Beta?

-The Beta will include Skynet as a full aviable Fraction for Space Battles. So you can use the whole Space army from skynet to destroy the Galactic Empire or the Zann-Consortium.
-New Backgrounds
-New Effects
-New weapons
-Of cause a new Space station for Skynet
and to blance it out
- Some new Units for the Empire or the Zann-Consortium.

and now that was all i had to say......uh did i forgot something? AAHHH Yes :D

Just in a few Days you will get a "Crazy Mod" to make your time of wait shorter :)

todd83 - - 97 comments

thx dude im so happy i won :D cant wait on till i can test it and it sound like it going 2 b 1 bad *** ship

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