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The Wild Wind open alpha v0.15 is coming to Mod DB.

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Many of you may already know that The Wild Wind has been in open alpha testing on the Taleworlds forums for some time. You may also know that the current release, v0.14, is very broken, which happens to be why I haven't uploaded it here yet. I didn't want everyone downloading a horrible, buggy mod and then being put off of it forever, even after the bugs were fixed.

The next release, however, is going to be relatively stable. I think it will be more than worthy enough to release on Mod DB. I will also be making a much larger effort to keep this page updated with all the new stuffs, instead of only posting things in the Taleworlds forums.

v0.15 is set to be released on October 11th. And, unlike previous releases of the mod, it will actually receive proper testing and care.

If want to visit the Wild Wind sub-forum at the Taleworlds website, go here:

Een_Boer - - 2 comments

Absolutely Brilliant mod!
The idea is marvelous!!!!!!!
This is a dream mod of mine, a bit of Minecraft mixed with proper(ish) graphics, this period in time.. ITS JUST GREAT!
However, I have downloaded the Testing mod thing, i actually quite like it despite of the bugs, but i cannot find iron. Could you please direct me to a spot to find it on The Wild West map or something, Please?

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Een_Boer - - 2 comments

Oh nevermind, i found a specific type of mine that gives ore.
Thank you anyway!

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Chezzlor - - 860 comments

Fantastic, I am excited to give 0.15 a try :D

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ceeking - - 145 comments

how do i craft?

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