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The voice of ITO AI 'SARA' which guides you through The Vault is ... Well, have you ever played System Shock 2? We can not believe the luck we've had getting such a voice icon for a key character in the game. Nothing but, for the love of the game.

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Ever played System Shock 2, one of the greatest coop games ever made? We want to introduce you to 'SARA' one of our very special characters in the Interstellar Marines: Trilogy. 'SARA' is a neural network which is administrating the entire ITO Server Cloud. Her AI voice interface is female and ever since we played System Shock 2 we have always known which voice actor to get for 'SARA'. And since 'SARA' is introduced in 'The Vault', we just had to track down Terri Brosius which did the voice of SHODAN in System Shock 2. Why?, because only the best is good enough for Interstellar Marines! :)

We found her with the help from our friends at Epic Sound and immediately got her to do a few voice samples for the voice of 'SARA'. The first voice sample she did, was just her playing around. In the second sample, she sent us her pronunciations of the various names of characters introduced inside 'The Vault'.

We absolutly love the way Terri Brosius's voice has that very confident and sexy facade and just behind it lies an arrogance that can make a grown man cry! How the final result sounds like, well you will know soon enough! :)



this is just awesome oO and you got her for free...?

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