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A long needed update to show what on earth has been going on in the teams head, and what the community needs to know if they don't already.

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Another day, another dollar; if this was in fact true to the sad way I have operated Smod-T, then I would have made money. Sadly it would have been for all the wrong reasons. I sadly like OMS, have put off updating for stupid reasons. Now that schools has popped its’ ugly head up again with friends and family trying to push me to do other things to get me off of the computer when I have work to do. I have no choice to push the next update back with no date to be seen. More information on it will be given out when needed. I must truly say that I am sorry for this and I really do feel bad for what I have done. I promised an update and I did not do what I said I would. I have no one to blame for this but my self. I am very sorry.

I would like to give out a few updates for every one to help move this mod (fix) update up higher in the production line. You, the community, are the reason that I am doing this. You don’t fallow the person, you fallow the mod. You are the driving force of this project, and its life force. You have gone from Phatcat, to OMS, to me, and some day on to some other person who picks up that slack that I have made. With out you there is no mod.

No, I’m not writing me “I’m passing this off to some other person, because I no longer want to do this”. I’m writing my, “We’re just getting started!!!” because I now give you, the community your challenge. No, I restate your right as a player, and as the community. I state it now and forever, THE COMMUNITYIS THE MOD TEAM. If you want to see something in the mod, then make it, or get a group of people to help make it. If it is seem fit to be added to the next update, it will then become standard. Smod has a community of countless numbers, with a countless number of ideas.

It’s your mod, shape it the way you want, make anything you seem fit, (with in reason. That means no
hate full or racist please).

  • Weapons
  • Maps
  • Scripts
  • Models
  • Ideas

All of them are open to you and shall remain open to you. Even if you can not finish it, someone can help you out to finish it. Credit will be given to all of those that worked on it.

I know that I seem rather stupid, or that I am already saying things that you already know. But I have kept things to low, and under cover for no reason. And with you helping in fend off trolls that have attacked, I’m saying thank you. I also say this to show the trolls that no. I’m not moving, I’m not going any where, and I’m not OMS. You’ve attacked me on Moddb, on the forms, in PMs, and on steam. But I shall not move.

When beta testing is needed for Smod-T, will be notified through the steam community and by moddb. Full testing will work like this.

  • Alpha testing (Me and me alone, to make it the beta workable)
  • Beta 1 (Private, invite only)
    • This is done by uploading a password protected RAR file.
  • Beta 2 full
    • Used to show off the new weapons, maps and scripts.
  • Full game launch.

I know this seems rather stupid but it’s for security reasons to prevent a repeat out break that happened to the old Smod-T (I know that the people that leaked it are sorry and most people have forgiven them, and a few thanked them. I just don’t want the same to happen with people that won’t be sorry). Once every person in the closed beta has downloaded the beta, file will be removed and stored on a USB drive to prevent hacking and any leaks.

One last thing to help you out the community. I do not have a 64 bit OS, and I don’t know how it installs things. Many people have asked how to fix it and I would like to know as well. If some one could please post the file directory that Smod should install to on a 64 bit OS, that would greatly help in the next EXE file. Thank you advance for all your help, and let the mod work forever.


This sounds great. I'll get right to tinkering with my weapon scripts. Hopefully I can get some help with the mapadds. ;)

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Thank you for you and your team's efforts man

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im actually going to go on an online hunt for the old addons. Anything i find i will post with instructions on how to install

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xXBornToGameXx Author

thanks in advance

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