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the updtate info from v0.6x and mod name theme has changed as "epic between war3 and dota2". now the latest is 0.630.

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the updtate info from v0.6x and mod name theme has changed as "epic between war3 and dota2".
now the latest is 0.630.

though name theme has changed but the original content is fully reserved because i want combine war3 dota2 and lol together and start their new story .

Update of v0.630: 1. fix the problem that the master mask is upside down 2. Fix the bug that some battlefields do not have normal post-war settlement and do not remind them to quit the game when they win. 3. Adding a part of ui map is temporarily unused 4. The 4.script structure is slightly adjusted to adapt to future updates. 5. Repair the transparent area of the big map. 6. Add the unit to follow the player selected by clicking the V key box in rts mode and all units to follow the player with the B key. The following is the content of v0.610, and the link is cancelled 1. Cancel the pictorial knife tower 2 equipment and switch to materialization, but these heroic equipment are still formal equipment for heroes, and only display the item bar without changing their appearance 2. gatling, a hero who belongs to the half-life culture, adjusts the gunner's effect, and presses the left button to shoot. The four skills are the same effect for the time being, shooting while sprinting for a certain distance. 3. Marvel, the hero watcher of Warcraft culture, made a big move (simply don't summon the vengeful god, but make a little change) to convert some random self-unit sacrifices into vengeful spirit in front of him, and vengeful spirit also applied war3 remake model style and movements, which can attack energy ball ballistics in close combat and long range. The daggers and knife arrays launched by the 13 skills are temporarily replaced by jumping knife models. 4. Hate-Butcher temporarily installs two skills, namely, rotting poisonous fog effect and damage, which can be turned on by pressing w(rts mode) /t (normal mode), and can be turned off by clicking again, thus continuously turning on and off the skills. 5. Because all World of Warcraft DOTA is a League of Legends game, heroes have turning speed and no backward behavior. In addition, to restore the original action of the reset version, there is no need to retreat, so cancel the function of S key to move backward, that is to say, at present, you can only move in all directions by wad moving forward, left and right with shaking the mouse to change the angle of view, and the S key can only keep the standby action standing in place, but if you click quickly for many times, you can keep the standby action while rubbing the body slightly behind and moving a short distance. The following is the content of v0.603, and the link is cancelled 1. it was renamed epic between war3 and dota2, and the general background was determined as the process of transition from war3 world to dota world. 2. Butcher hooks are added to the ground and walls to judge the conditions of hook withdrawal. 3. Watchman Maiwei's one skill and three skills are simple and practical. 3. Master the first skill Blade Storm and Master Yi the second skill add the magic storm effect. 4。 The camera position is the same as that in rts-2 mode when the dominant four skills invincible chop and Yi Master one skill Alpha Raid and Maiwei two skills are adjusted to trigger in non-RTS mode. 5. Localization and some interface font adjustment. 6. Delete the initial merchant task. 7. The material of the large map is temporarily adjusted to the grass map style of war3, and the map is temporarily flattened. 8. Prepare some war3 remastered hero animation models, which have not been used yet and can be viewed in openbrf. 9. Attack sound effect adjustment, attack effect adjustment (in fact, lazy first unified with king of fighters) 10. Watchers install four skills to convert their own people in front of them into vengeful spirit. At most, there is one vengeful spirit at the same time. After a period of time, vengeful spirit will disappear. At this time, you can call again (the arms that convert vengeful spirit will disappear after vengeful spirit disappears) 11. The four skills of the hero gatling shooter are temporarily set to sprint and shoot continuously, that is, shoot while sprinting, and install the shooting effect at the same time, and press the left key for a long time.


Hey brother, you archived the project so it no longer appears inside the mod list or anything like that. You need to message the Moddb devs and have them reactivate the project.

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killyouready Author

thx for your care.the mod is archived by moddb official not by me.i don't understand why each of my mod will be archived by moddb after some months of development and even their all reasons is saying “the mod seems not continue developing and need to prove it under development"but occurs just after updating.
As same,dragon ball z mod was also be archived by official for even 5 times.

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I sent a message to them, hopefully we can get this fixed. I would hate to see your audience limited by a bug in their system.

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