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We've launched a blog that compares SADX with the Dreamcast version. Find out which is better!

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I've launched a blog with detailed comparisons between Dreamcast Sonic Adventure and SADX Gamecube/PC, focusing on changes in the ports that can be considered downgrades.

If you've ever wondered what was the point of porting Dreamcast assets to SADX PC, this is what you should read. Even if you know how much SADX sucks in comparison with the original game, give this blog a read still - it helps a lot to see side-by-side comparisons, and there are some technical explanations as well.

I've been working on this project for the last couple of months. It's been very tedious and time consuming, but I've had some help along the way! Thanks to @SPEEPS, Sonikko and @spookmeman, who kindly offered to help me with comparison screenshots and videos, I was able to launch the blog much faster than I originally planned.

Feel free to post feedback and share your opinions on the blog in the Feedback section.


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