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The TrioDim engine is going to be one of the most funny 3D game engines you will see around on the internet. To be able to create a hudge terrain for your map.... you will only need ms_paint haha, this Engine is going to be ultra fun for unexperienced and very experienced users ( wich will probably use the scripting language we are developing ). This will be one of the most funny Engines around to work in!

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Hey there!
We are a new group of happy people that want to make a happy game engine!
? The company name sounds weird? Trio as in 3 things, and Dim as in Dimensional.. 3D!!

Now then, I am Henry00³, I once worked at the project wich is declared dead now. Now Pyronious, a colleague from that project, has asked me if I wanted to create another game with him, I was like... NOOO Not again Unreal! But before I move on with the story.. Who is Pyronious anyway? Well when I met him he was co-leader of the stargateunreal project. Also I found out that he is a BRILLIANT photoshop user, and a ultra artistic modeler, we both learned alot at that project. Lets go on. So I told him that I had improved my skills in DirectX and that I would be able to write my own engine to create our game in! Oh yay! TrioDim was born!
I started working on it... got the directX booting done.. created the rendering engine.. established perfect keyboard connection and made a terrain editor wich was nothing more then a bmp file wich you can colour in ( where pixel darkness means height ). Sadly though it was all for nothing since we found out that our exe files were all broken - messed up and ugly. So we went to Visual basic 2008, now you are probably like: "AAH NO WAY, DUDE THATS SUCH LOW FPS ARGH WHAT AN IDIOT!!".
Well maybe I am, but I like thinking and working outside the box like every programmer should do. We eventually will convert all our coding to visual c++ in the end ( if that is even needed :) ).
Oh and I did not even mention Haheho21 yet!
One day I was bored, sad, alone, cold ( I dunno probably left the fridge open ) and I went into a random Unreal server, with only one player on it. HEH?! Almost no download time, oh well.. I went inside. And there he was, the Unreal model staring in my virtual located camera, he even said hi when I said hi, isnt that the first sign he wants to be friends? :3 Since then I had him in msn, we both got to know eachother better and better.. He found out that if I wanted too I could shutdown a whole network.. and I found out that he is a hudge math and study guy with a brilliant mind. Oh well, he has been my private debugger for almost a year now, and after 4 months peace we meet again for this hugantic project.. TrioDim.

Thats our story

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