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In this news, you will learn how the Titan Mk-2 have been created.

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The origin :

In 2039, a youg man of 18 years old have join the GDI's army.
Jasem Mitchell have chose to work on tanks. He was brillant, very good in strategy.
In 2042, he was 21 years old and was the yougest GDI's Titan pilot.
His combat unit have been deployed near of Barcelone, in the yellow zone NEUTRAL-E-SO-01 .
After 5 days of victory against NOD, Mitchell's Titan have been destroyed by a youg man with an very old RPG-7. The roquet have destroyed the motor by exploding on the top of the turret, on a railing of aeration.
Mitchell wasn't hurt, exept in his appropriate love.

For the youg man, he have been arrested by GDI. In fact, his mother was a GDI irish soldier and his father an emigrate who come from france and have fouded a job at GDI's local base. They have been killed at the beguinning of the battle when NOD's soldier who have taken position near of their house have been killed by an artillery barage...
Mike Leport have decided to avenge his parents...
After this exploit, he was engaged by the GDI and now work in the dead-6.

After the destruction of his Titan, Mitchell have taken a machine-gun and finished his mission. He have been promoted Colonel for this act of bravery and also affected to a the "Steel Talon" witch have been recreated in his request to create a new generation of mech units to replace those of the Second Tiberian War.

In his new base of Ayers Rock (yellow zone GDI-OC-AU-02), he have created the Titan Mk-2 and the Taranis, a new artillery mech based on the juggernuth. Some people also speak about a gigantic four legs mech based on the Mamoth Mk-2, but it haven't been confirmed by the Colonel Mitchel.

The Titan Mk-2 :

The titan Mk-2 is probably the most dangerous GDI's vehicle.
It have a canon, an ion canon, a machine-gun and according to some people, a missil plot to deffend himself against aircrafts. Also, it is impossible to destroy it by stiking an explosive on his legs.
But, it appear that this Mech is also realy expensive and that GDI could only deploy one or two dozen of it on each battlefield.

The Taranis :

If we know that the mech unit witch have recived the name of a celtic's god is an artillery vehicle based on the old juggernuth, Steel Talon keep all the information about it, and we can only supposed the it looklike as a titan with three artillery barrel...

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