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The tide waits now; For the time is upon us The Erszaits have come.......

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The tide waits now; For the time is upon us
Long ago the Erszaits came, it asked for so little and offered us so much
You can be free of your fate it proclaimed, we of my kind will not devour
you as we have so many others, for I have made, for you, you a bargain.
Every year you will go forth, unto to, a place that has passed already,
into the ethers of time, and claim for me one of the past's number,
a being who is of inconsequence, upon whom I can feed,
is that not a fair deal, a fair price for the lives of millions.
The people accepted, and for generations all was good, the Erszaits
kept it's word, and in turn the people upheld the bargain, but then,
one foul day, tragedy struck, a boy was taken from the east,
removed from his life in what had been a time of great conflict.
He wore a strange item of clothing, like nothing we had seen,
foolishly we thought nothing of it, and so we placed him before our saviour,
so that it might feed upon the boy, as he had all the others before,
but the boy, he didn't sleep as the others had, he awoke with a start
and as our saviour the Erszaits approached, maw open wide, by
what must surly have been some terrible magic, the boy exploded,
engulfing the alter in fire, the Erszaits vanished, pushed away
by the obscene flames, afterwards we searched and searched,
but we could not find it, and then a great horror dawned on us,
without our saviour, the others like it, would they come for us all, as we
had been warned would happen were the bargain ever broken, we tried
for so long to call our saviour back, but to no avail, we began to notice, the
shapes in the sky, all of the sky, every inch, the others had come for retribution,
but it was not us nor they who broke the bargain, somehow it was
the boy, we knew they had seen, and thankfully they were merciful
to repay the injury to our saviour they would exact another tithe, we
would venture back, this time in grand numbers, a sacred army, to
claim the betrayers in their thousands, we would scour the world
in every century, we would take all who stood in our way, and so the
Erszaits would have retribution, they would feast on the masses of our
captives, like flames upon a burning log, soon their hunger would be
sated for a thousand years, know this now;
We came, We have come, We will come,
prey it is not you we come for.................................................................


Its like poety, yeah?

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Ezarik Author

It's just something I randomly thought of, I haven't decided what I will use it for yet, I was watching stuff on the television and then suddenly had this story in my mind, I think it will probably be something like a myth and might be eventually be relevant to something in the backstory of my universe,

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