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This is the 3rd media release for the project. We're showing some of the work we have done this past year, provide some development info and an important announcement. Please look forward for it!

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cool c12

Heya, folks. A lot of things have happened this past year, good or exceedingly terrible, you name it! This month of the year, we would like to show some insight in our course of development and work that we've done this past year!

Let's start from our current development status, our development has been quite slow as we've hit a lot of roadblocks that dragged us down to the dirt this year.

We have also made a couple of decisions, one of which is revamping the development structure of our project (Which most of you guys probably won't care), and a very major one. You may wanna ask, what decision is it? Well, cue the drum rolls please.


Wait for it.........


We've decided to follow a chapter-by-chapter release format for the project. Some of you wonder why we're doing this, but we've discussed this a lot in private group chats and ultimately decided to do a chapter-by-chapter basis similar to Black Mesa: Blue Shift.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. Our project would gain more traction, and provide our players with great anticipation and content in the meantime. This would also help us find people who'd be down to support development of our project.

2. Development of the project would take very long. We decided that we should best focus on developing and polishing one chapter instead of spreading a bit too thin. This provides our team members more motivation, and releasing chapter-by-chapter would also provide us feedback from wider variety of players and improve them in the next version.

Overall, we decided to follow the chapter-by-chapter release format because we feel it's suitable based on the current position of the project.

Now unto showing some of the stuff we've been working on!

Sequence 5 Parking Lot

CTH Art Study


Some people expressed complaints that the HD pack weapons featured in the original Half-Life: Echoes (The M4, Beretta, SPAS-12 with stock) aren't present in our earlier gameplay footage. JustJacob has done a great job at modelling our versions of the weapons.

M9 Turntable

Spas Turntable

If you wanna see more awesome work that he has done, make sure to check out his ArtStation page!

We've also done some work with new first-person weapon animations! This is an animation showcase for our shotgun and crowbar:

In addition, a fellow member in our team (who has also worked on Black Mesa: Character Expansion) made specified faces for unique characters in the game! Here are these:

HEV Guard

Irritating Maintenance Worker Guy

Welp, that's all that we have to show! If you got any thoughts, leave us a comment down below. Spreading the word about the project would be very much appreciated as well!

In case you're interested in helping us, we recommend filling this application forms below.

AverageDuckie - - 5 comments

awesome :D

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,496 comments

Looking forward to the first release! Blue Shift included a lot more scripted events compared to the 2001 release, do you plan on including more lore/set-pieces with the greater engine capabilities?

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RemusTheGuy Author
RemusTheGuy - - 15 comments

Yeah, I have a lot of plans for new scripted events and interactions actually! Added with the fact some of the areas are getting expanded, you'll be very likely to see more of those stuff.

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

Wow this looks good, well done I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

1.) When will the first chapter come out?
2.) Will the Beretta and M4 use the same types of ammo or will they have different ammo?
3.) Will the mod appear on Steam as a free modification with workshop support?

Good luck.

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RemusTheGuy Author
RemusTheGuy - - 15 comments

1.) Currently, we don't have a planned release date. But hopefully we'll release chapter 1 somewhere before the end of 2023.
2.) Beretta has a maximum of 15 per clip, M4 stays the same.
3.) It'll be a mod in the Black Mesa workshop. We aren't capable of making it a separate game on Steam due to legal issues.

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MyGamepedia - - 52 comments

What do you mean "legal issues" ?

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ShrimplyAwful - - 31 comments

Color me impressed! I look forward to the release.

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