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Details surrounding the upcoming psychological horror video game, Slender: The Awakening - plot details, release date, features and more!

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When is the last time you heard the title "Slender" in a video game? For most of you, it may have been back in 2012 or 2013, when the Slender Man was a very popular trope in gaming. But with a Slender Man movie on the horizon and an official game reboot following it - it's only a matter of time before the character becomes popular once again.

Slender: The Awakening is an upcoming psychological horror video game being developed by Darkwood Productions, in association with Mythology Entertainment. It is the official video game adaptation of the original version of Slender Man, created on the SomethingAwful 'Create Paranormal Images' thread in June 2009.

You play as a paranormal investigator looking into several mysterious disappearances across the United States linked to a malevolent entity known as Slender Man. The further you go into your investigation - the deeper you fall into Slender Man's clutches. Will you uncover the truth about his origin and intentions, or will you fall victim to his wrath?

Slender: The Awakening brings back old features and introduces new features. These features include $20 Mode and Marble Hornets mode from The Eight Pages and the scrapbook feature from The Arrival. The Awakening introduces a new feature, a horror multiplayer experience entitled Slender: Online. Unlike other horror multiplayer experiences, such as in Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th: The Game, Slender: Online does NOT allow you to play as an enemy. All players are known as "Runners" - victims of Slender Man - and must attempt to survive as long as possible without dying.

Slender: The Awakening releases for Windows and Mac on June 10th, 2019, and for consoles sometime thereafter. Information regarding the game's open beta will be released soon.


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