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We are now a "we"! We have a team! And a full plan! And a plot! And puzzles! only two years in and development has started. oof. haha. Seriously tho, stay tuned for more updates in the future, and please read the full article here

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Alright! First ever article. Probably shouldn't rush this, but I'm very pressed for time... so...

I now have a proper, structured plan for this mod! I won't give too many details, but(!) I will say this:

We're bringing back features you may have seen in other very popular mods, no that doesn't mean stealing or plagiarising people, but simply similarities. We're working very hard to make as much of an original experience, without diverting from the core gameplay or Portal 2, as possible.

Right now there are 6 "chapters", which will be incredibly short (a handful of maps), but should allow for a lot of varied gameplay and scenes, but also keep the work required low as they're not "full-fat" chapters as present in the base game as, ya know, I'm only 1 person. I've jokingly and vaguely named these chapters:

  1. Diner is served
  2. Oh... so that happened
  3. Okay Siri, how to reanimate the dead
  4. Me, dead? Irrelevant
  5. Ah, yes, everything is green, oh no
  6. Hi, Honey....

And more news on custom gameplay features!!! I should be able to show these off after April finished. I'm away from my PC for 2 weeks, then revision week, then have exams, so really until after April finishes I'm pretty much unable to work on this mod. Basically the news on the new features is "they exist now, be patient". :)

So, onto the New Team Member!

I am incredibly honoured to announce that

I am joined by Soviet Military Power (Jon), who is doing the music for this mod! A small amount of his work can be seen in the most recent video for this mod. He is currently negotiating for proper equipment, but has released music in the past that was strong enough to bring a tear to my eye, and is a close friend of mine, and has been working in the music industry for decades. So I am confident.

Okay so that's the April update of this mod complete. Not much to show off, but this is the exact opposite of most 2-year old portal 2 mods. This isn't a slowing down, on hiatus, or dead mod update; This is a we are now working harder than every, and have a plan, and progress is being made update.

Stay tuned for more news in about a month. :D


About that news article... yup, Valve Time.

It would be interesting though if you published an screeshot of your most polished map (kind of like a sneak peek) so we can get a glimpse of what the mod is aiming for.

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BobzeMovie Author

Freaking hell i forgot i made this update.


Okay well damn update coming soon either way!!

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