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All the progress for the past 2 months! New website and forums as well!

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This new update is something special. We've reinvented the game in numerous ways, from the name to the art style. The new name is Dwell. We had to change our name due to availability (there are tons of games with Colonies in their name, yet few with Dwell) and recognition potential.

VISIT OUR NEW FORUMS (under reconstruction)

Update Video

New Art Style & Lighting

Troll Chase Effects

Chasms & Better Caves

Males & Females

Item Stacking

Personal Claims

List of New Features
- Extra drying rack animation
- New, sleek GUI
- Hotbar
- Improved caves
- Chasms
- Atmospheric sound
- Troll screen shake
- 1 new running speed
- Sprinting
- Mana bar
- Attacks dictated by amount of mana
- 4 new mod commands
- "Enter" to chat
- Improved GUI base (no more fuzzy lettering)
- Chasms at the end of the world
- 12 new tileset transitions
- Smoother frame-independent rendering
- Health bars on vicitims
- Heartbeat sound effect when low on health
- Fish spawn in nodes (20 fish per node)
- Animal fleeing
- Improved animal tracking AI
- Animal raging
- Animals attack other animals
- Door sounds
- Smoother WASD movement
- Ferns
- Improved hedges
- Docks
- 2 new buffs
- Chieftans and Warlords can choose to banish villagers
- Flowers
- Click-to-place wood flooring

rx_shorty - - 15 comments

Looks pretty nice :)
Any way to try a version on Linux?

Tried to get some info from your website, but it seems down?

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BradyInstead Author
BradyInstead - - 122 comments

Yeah, it will be back up in 1 minute (we're transitioning hosts). There is currently not a way to test besides applying for a tester's account. A Linux build will be available eventually, but not at the moment (however, it works fine on Wine as a temporary solution).

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Jameion - - 18 comments

Hey you may not remember me but the game looks much better from when I first saw it, GOOD JOB!

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BradyInstead Author
BradyInstead - - 122 comments

Of course I remember haha.

And thanks!

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Rainey84 - - 10 comments

Game continues to look better. Keep up the hard work!

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BradyInstead Author
BradyInstead - - 122 comments

Thanks dude

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