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The story and world of Lazy Fish! Just what happened to make one fish, so determined to jump, jump, jump for eggs!

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Greetings Fans and Followers of Lazy Fish!

There have been a few questions from people asking us about the game. Surprisingly quite a few of the questions have been about what exactly the narrative of the story is. Today, we’re going to answer that question by showing you the world that the Lazy Fish lives in! Without further ado: -


Our Fish resides in a Fish Tank that he calls home, with his lovely wife. He would like to start a family, but his wife, is not happy with the state of their home. It’s not good to raise a family in a tank like this!


She wants a safe, clean fish tank for her eggs to incubate safely and he agrees, and sets to work cleaning up! After a few hours of hard work, tired he falls asleep. His wife, unimpressed by his sudden lack of interest, does the unthinkable and LEAVES HIM!


He awakens only to find that his wife has left, and with her departure, he has no way to raise a family! He begins a desperate search!


His search leads him beyond his own tank, but only to discover she is truly GONE! The weight of despair bears down upon him, until he realizes that there are dozens of eggs, in other fish tanks, so close by. He now has a way to start his family, if he can make the jump in to those other fish tanks, and get those eggs!

We hope that you’ll let us know that we’re swimming in the right direction with this game! So until next time, the Lazy Fish team and Gameka would like to thank you for your continued support of Lazy Fish! Keep jumping and may the eggs be ever in your favor!

You can learn more about Gameka here!

Lazy Fish Open Beta (android) can be downloaded here

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