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Take a look at the History and Story elements of our latest game Bahati!

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Hello there! This week, we would like to let you know our ideas and thoughts on the historical facts and story elements of our game Bahati! So follow along and make sure to let us know your fresh new ideas, and maybe they can be interesting for us to implement.

WARNING! This Article contains Story related SPOILERS! Read it at your own risk.

Bahati is our main character, a slave captured and shipped to Portugal to be forced to work for the rest of his life. The game is passed at the end of the XVI century, and everything story related will happen on the trip from Africa to Portugal, inside the slave ship, where he will do anything to escape an entire life of slavery.

Slave Ship 1

Slave Ship 2

Slave Ship 5

The game starts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with our main character breaking a leg and being transported to the sick and injured section of the ship. While there, you overhear some guards talking about a breath stop on the small island of "Ilha Terceira" a passage point into the final destination, and Bahati sees that as the perfect opportunity to escape, between the dark shadows of the night.

From there, you will control Bahati, hiding in the shadows of the dark basements and evading the heavily armed guards roaming the ship. You have no chance of fighting back, so find a way to get to the main deck and don't get caught!

Bullshot 2

To find your way to the upper levels of the ship, find your way through the closed doors, tight hallways, and small openings in the decomposed walls to achieve your goal. On your way there, find secrets such as collectibles to find more about the history and historical facts about slave trading and the horrors of such a violent era, so make sure to explore everything!

Moodboard Escravo

That's it for now! Everything is still subject to change, and we are working very hard every day for you to be able to appreciate our game in its full potential in more or less a month. Are you interested? Make sure to check our Twitter for more curiosities and cool facts about the development and behind the scenes.

Have a nice week! We have some surprised to show you soon, so come check our game once in a while!

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