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Special Cards allow special ways of playing Didgery. The Twin is perhaps the most powerful of any of the cards, due to its ability to be used twice in a single chain.

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Within Didgery are hidden several special cards. These unique entities will make themselves known to you when you have restored enough harmony into the world.

The fifth of these cards is the Twin Worlds, an entity with such power that it has been prophesied to have been created from the Didgery’s own hand. The Twin has similar capabilities to the Bridge, but is enabled to be added twice in a single chain. This might seem like a small variation, but this otherwise small divergence in rule has large impact on gameplay. Consider the play below:

Notice how the Twin allowed us to ‘loop back’ on the chain and gather together a larger chain that would have otherwise been impossible.

This is the most difficult special card to play well, and it takes a decent amount of thought, luck, and strategy to make full use of its amazing capabilities. The resulting chain of playing this card well, however, is usually great enough to make up for any harmony lost during your strategizing.

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