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In this post we give some details on the Jester, one of several unlockable cards found in Didgery.

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Within Didgery are hidden several special cards. These unique entities will make themselves known to you when you have restored enough harmony into the world.

The first of these special cards is the Jester, a tricky and deceptive entity that can role-play as any of the cards from the standard deck, offering an easy way to increase the size of your chain. But this wildcard comes with a catch: it may only be added as the last card in the chain.

So while it is possible to chain directly from a King to a Jester (causing the Jester to assume the role of King as well) it may be more advisable to strategize and use this card as the finale in a large chain, especially if that chain needs just one more card before it can flare up into a holy explosion.

Play this card wisely, and you will surely restore much harmony into the Earth.


Sounds like a cool game! Jester will surely be useful!

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