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Today, exactly 80 years ago, the Red Army closed the Stalingrad pocket. And its time for some news about Stalingrad 42 Mod: It will be released soon!!

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80 years ago, Operation Uranus succeeded.

Both arms of the soviet attack against the axis flanks met near Kalach, the 6th Army was encircled.

This was the prelude to the last phase of the deadly struggle for the city. The Germans were took by
surprise and relief attempts failed. The trapped german troops held out for more than two more months
before finally surrendering.


(Soviet tanks and guards infantry gathering for a push into the city of Kalach.)

And... its just a few days until the release of Stalingrad 42 Mod 1.0. :-)
We are working with high pressure to publish it asap.

So what will this mod be like?

Historically correct -

You can only use units which evidently took part part in the battle.
Which are quite a lot infact - so we added many new vehicle models. Not all, though. Yet.

20 maps, partially based on Eastern Front Mod maps.
Maps with appropriate summer & winter skins for the units.
Also weather dependent unit speed and sight range.

Map dependant resources - Germans in the Stalingrad pocket receive less income,
but supply drops instead.


(The german player just received some supplies on Pitomnik airfield.)

Map dependant units. Like the StuIG 33, which was only used in the city of Stalingrad
and the relief attempt "Operation Wintergewitter".

Doctrine based units. For example, land-leased tanks like Stuart, Valentine or the M3 Lee.
Broad unit variety for both parties.

As a Bonus: 4 Leningrad Front scenarios with exlcusive call-in units: Tiger I Ausf.H and KV-2.

Attention to detail -

HD Skins and a lot of model details for Infantry.
Completely new vehicle textures
Correctes vehicle versions and only achievable upgrades.
A lot of old CoH and EF models also have been overhauled for more historical accuracy.
HD Environment textures by XFX.


( NKDV troops and recruits defending a street near the Stalingrad Grain Elevator )

More Realism:

Correct squad sizes and composition.
Realistic unit speeds and turret rotation values
Realistic weapon penetration values and damage.
Just a few upgrades - that are only possible in the HQ area.
Expanded criticals. Light weapons can hurt exposed crews, damage tires or even tracks.
Much larger weapon range than in original CoH
Units consume fuel and ammo based on real life values which must be refilled.
Crews repair their vehicles by themselves if possible.
Guns can be towed by trucks
Troop surrendering of course.

S42 Contains XFXs Ultimate Sound Mod.

..and much more.

You ever wanted a realism mod on the Eastern Front? You will get it.
Expect tough battles, decisive moments and an immersive athmosphere.

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Vatek95 - - 204 comments

Well this is going to be a great early Christmas present!

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