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Today we take the opportunity to cast the spotlight on the six main playable races of Starshard. The limitless expanse of the universe is home to countless diverse races. Of these, six intelligent races share the regions of space in which our story will unfold.

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Today we take the opportunity to cast the spotlight on the six main playable races of Starshard. The limitless expanse of the universe is home to countless diverse races. Of these, six intelligent races share the regions of space in which our story will unfold. Each race comes with its own unique set of quirks, bringing with it countless opportunities to take advantage of their strengths, or exploit their weaknesses to dominate the field. Your choice of race can heavily influence your style of play, taking advantage of unique differences in movement, abilities, and even the available classes! Each race will be available in both genders.

The Ceresian Races

Our first three races, often termed the ‘Ceresian races’ for simplicity, all originate from the planet Ceres.



Of the three races born to Ceres, the Cel are the eldest. Known for their physical and mental diversity, they are often seen as the diplomats of the universe, driven by an intrinsic desire to expand their knowledge. This wide assortment of traits and personalities has led to the birth of numerous unique cultures, and as such, there is no one path to which the Cel adhere. Though they are often mistakenly seen as a singular entity by alien races, in truth several distinct – and often opposing – factions exist. Internal power struggles may be common to many races, but the Cel elevate this to an art form; it is rare to find peace amidst their warring branches.



Over the course of hundreds of years, the Therian race was born from the mammalian species sharing Ceres with the Cel. Centuries of poorly supervised magical experimentation led to a contamination which granted these creatures humanoid forms, in addition to their natural shape. As they evolved from a vast multitude of genera, there are countless varieties of Therian, each easily distinguishable by their distinctive tails and ears. In times long past, the habitual animal tendencies of the Therians often led to their exclusion from Ceresian society, though such days have long since passed. Today they are seen as equals – the second of the Ceresian races.



Some claim that the Cadmi are no true race; this stems from the belief that – despite their sapience – a body which contains no organic components cannot truly be considered alive. Regardless of whether this holds any truth, they are acknowledged as equals by their creators, and granted a place alongside them as the youngest of the Ceresian races. Countless generations of enhancements and revisions have brought the Cadmi further and further away from their original designs, yet many retain the capacity to excel in their original functions. It is not uncommon to see a Cadmus adorned with relics of early design schematics, such as gears, antennae, or hydraulics.

The New Races

The remaining three each hail from their own distinct home worlds, and are often considered the ‘new races’ from a Ceresian standpoint.



When the Ceresian races emerged into the wider universe, the Eldra were the first truly unknown race they came upon. Though they might share many similarities in terms of form, the Eldra are a naturally diminutive race – slight of build, and lacking the muscular strength on which so many races have relied. Yet not once has this trait impeded their progress, instead lending weight to their focus on magic and giving rise to their reputation as the foremost scholars in the magical arts. While the Eldra are often seen as a peaceful race, this is not due to a natural tendency towards harmonious resolution of internal conflict, but rather an active unwillingness to engage in any sort of strife between the varying viewpoints.



There has been much theological debate as to whether the Nephilim form the basis for the depiction of angelic beings throughout history. Many believe that the multitude of divinities encountered by early peoples were in fact members of the Nephilim race. With their fair skin, ethereal, refined features, and rigid sense of order, it is easy to see how such a conclusion could be reached. Led by a council of Archangels, the Nephilim pride themselves on their superior advanced technology and seek dominion over all other races, reveling in their manufactured godhood.



It is not always an easy task to distinguish a Daeva from any of the countless species of monsters prevalent throughout the universe. While all Davea begin their existence in an impish guise, their true natures begin to emerge as they mature into adolescence, bestowing upon them their final physical form. There are countless possible varieties – determined by individual personalities and genetic lineage – granting the race an unparalleled level of visual dissimilarity. Throughout the known universe, they are one of very few races for whom no planet is considered a true home. Instead, the Daeva choose to live a nomadic life, travelling in clans from world to world, salvaging what technology they can.

There you have it! There are, of course, countless other races throughout the universe, including many intelligent races with whom you may cross paths during the game. But it is these six that will be the source of your armies. If any of these have especially piqued your interest, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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