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This is the story as i see it that should play out to explain the story of Scifi At War

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I'm sorry to say this mods dead, but I have been considering the story to explain this. As long time followers of this mod know I incorporated the Last Great Time War from Doctor Who as the main mechanism for the creation of the conflict. The rough timeline goes as this

The Doctor steals "the moment" (TV: "The End of time") and then escapes the war. This story picks up right after that, but before "The End Of Time" episode of Doctor Who.
The Doctor escapes, knowing that they don't have the resources to re-create the moment they decide to modify the nightmare child into a paradox machine. It is a Type 666 TARDIS that is powered by a black hole at its core giving it almost unlimited energy. When activated the Nightmare Child draws in all the universes in SFAW together into a sort of mixed paradox space. They Timelords then plan to vaporise those universes one at a time harvesting the material they need to recreate the moment and destroy everything in creation.
The Doctor then goes around through the universes and collects armies from as many factions as possible and with a modification to the TARDIS's entry point allows them access to a storage area inside the TARDIS, and then time locks them so that they don't age or anything, so he can then take them into the next universe as there current one collapses. After he moves through as many of the universes as he can building a massive fleet. The whole purpose of the fleet is to disable the Nightmare child and allowing The Doctor access to the control room so that he can reprogram it into being the largest time lock every created. At the end he disables the paradox and all the universes snap back to there own realities forgetting everything that has happened, and the Doctor regenerates...
Thats the concept for the story I never really explained...
I think itd make an epic animated series lol

EclipseStardestroyer - - 1,716 comments

It's a really cool story! Really wish this mod wasn't dead.

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Opinionator - - 1,099 comments

Mods dead? Stopped tracking, bye.

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Herr_Commandant - - 135 comments

Well, WHO knows, it could come back (given time). This would have been one of the best plots of a mod I would have seen, anyways it would have been good.... RIP Scifi At War

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Guest - - 695,827 comments

If this mod is dead why was there an update 2 days ago?

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

it was a promo post for my facebook page and a project im doing for that

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