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This time around we focus on polish, balance and fixes.

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The selector update

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- Added a Selector to the level designer
- This allows you to insert and delete rows around a tile you select rather than just at the end
- It also lets you edit the properties of special tiles like spinner blades and logs that have different types
- You can drag move the level when in select mode so it's easier to scroll around
- You can select a tile and see it's description by clicking on the question mark icon
- Red and Purple Enemies now have a longer delay if you enter their range and they need to turn to face you
- Red and purple enemies also run faster when in sight of you like in earlier builds
- Made it so if the player jumps behind a rock, the camera moves a little to give a better view
- Added a tutorial tip about controls for first time players as well as optimizing the first tutorial levels
- Added a flashing color when players are running out of a powerup so they know when it's about to end
- Made various changes to the reward system
- Made it so reward icons spawn faster from the crate
- Made reminders appear on the main menu if a player is returning and has a new reward
- Added a plus coin counter to completing goals so players know how many coins they get
- Made it so sand storms can't happen when it's fully night time
- Added a mesh to launchers to block the back of the barrel

- Challenge mode now works better and doesn't crash at random points
- Stopped previous levels from effecting the terrain color of challenge mode maps
- Fixed a few bugs in the level editor dealing with saving and loading an open level
- Fixed the quit button crashing the game
- Fixed a big with goal crates not opening
- Optimized the level designer a little when re-loading a level after testing
- Fixed a problem where there were two pieces of water over one another
- Removed the coin falling effect when not recieving coins
- Sinkholes no longer explode players
- Sinkholes are now more consistant in their function, stopping a player's jump from all angles
- Fixed the login screen pulling up the challenge screen instead
- The top welcome text was the wrong scale and isn't anymore

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