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This news post has all of the details of the release of The Secret Forces v0.7.7a.

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I present to you the release of The Secret Forces v0.7.7a.

This release brings many new exciting features to the race. The Secret Forces is now fully connected with the Total Annihilation Community Patch and all of its enhanced features like the megamap, and improved pathfinding.

Here is a full list of what is new in this release:

New Features:
• Added a Plasma Battery unit
• Added a Geothermal Generator unit
• Added Dragon's Teeth
• Added a Rocket Launcher unit
• Added a Heavy Laser Tower
• Made a new model for the Transport Saucer
• Made new weapons for all units that were still using Arm and Core weapons
• Made an installer for the race, so that everything will now be placed where it should be, and there are no separate downloads or texture packs required.

• Changed all laser weapons so they appear as a solid beam instead of shots.
• Balanced all units with their Arm and Core counterparts to make a more enjoyable experience for players.
• Balanced all weapons to the best of my knowledge to make sure they are not overpowered.
• The Secret Forces is now installed in a separate folder in your TA directory by the new installer.
• The Secret Forces is now fully connected with the TA Unofficial Patch and has its own custom patched exe.

This release of The Secret Forces has an installer that will install the race into a separate folder of your TA Directory. Just place the installer in your main Total Annihilation folder and it will do the rest. You must have the TA Community Patch installed for the installer to work correctly or it will not install everything.

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