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In these ancient texts of Pierre de Suno, compiled by William Grammaticus, you will know a little about what happened some years ago in Calradia, and why the threat of the Lord of Darkness hovering over the heads of the Calradians.

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The Scrolls of Pierre de Suno

Collection of texts of Pierre de Suno

compiled by William Grammaticus

"The texts presented in this collection are of the origin and entire literary and ideological responsibility of Pierre de Suno. I, William, in the figure of an organizer, have only put together in a book the texts I found on my walks through Calradia. Just as I, Pierre was a man who loved to discover new lands and new ways of doing old things.

I must say here that it was not an easy job since Calradia is worse every day after "The Great Kings Fall", the continent is dangerous, not that it was not already, but believe me, it is worse.

Pierre's texts were scattered everywhere, from Suno, his hometown, to Shariz, where my adventure ended, because my caravan was surrounded and attacked by desert nomads, I was seriously injured so that I can no longer defend myself as before.

Some scrolls were lost in time, or in the hands of looters, and it was impossible to fill in some of the gaps in his narrative, but I did my best."

William Grammaticus.

Calradia is a land of many nations, but these, hungry for power, have never remained in peace, but there have been periods of relative peace, a restless peace, of those that take place before the terrible storms.

In the year of our lord 1267, the Calradia lands received a terrible threat on their soil. However, for you to understand the size of this threat that hangs over our heads, I will have to go back in time and tell how it all began, or at least what I discovered with my travels. First, I must warn you, I have no proof that this version is true, but at least it is the only one there for now, as individuals who knew closely the witnesses of these events confided it to me.

Years before the terrible battle between the free peoples of Calradia and the Dark Kingdom of Molor, the continent was in peace, which is rare. At that time, the great Calradian nations prospered. From the Swadian nobles to the Sarranids of the ancient Sultanate, without forgetting the warrior nations of the northern peoples, the fierce and brave warriors Nords and Vaegirs. The quiet Rodhokian people now reduced to a small tribe that fiercely fights to survive, and the swift and skillful Khergit warriors.

None of these people knew the threat that was grew in their lands, because there were races unknown to all human peoples, living in Calradia lands. No one knows where they came from or if they came here, because they did not make a question of interacting with the people outside their territory, lived hidden in the darkness of the densest forests, or in the mountains where no one dared to go. They were humanoids, today it is speculated that before the "Great Aberration" they were relatively peaceful, some tribes warred among themselves in case of need, and had slaves among themselves, which they used for heavy labor. There must be creatures of varying sizes and shapes.

It was not long to peace begin to crumble, because the hungry of the men for territory, gold, influence and power never ends. It happened that a leader of a warrior clan in the east of the Swadia forest wanted to marry his son to the daughter of the neighboring village chieftain, in order to end a war that had taken place between the two clans for some years.

The chieftain denied his daughter's hand, but not before drawing the rival into his hall and ambushing him using the false promise of truce, many warriors fell on that day, among them Chieftain Krefta Ulfsson, who was killed by his rival Sveinn Hammerhead, who crushed Krefta's head with his big hammer right in front of Krefta's two sons. Torslo, the oldest and wisest of the two, held his brother who was heading toward Hammerhead and retreating while some of his father's men protected the two young men.

Torslo returned to his father's lands, he was only 18 when this happened, his brother Wulf, younger than him in a year, planned and longed for revenge on Hammerhead and his clan, but Torslo was more concerned about stability of the clan, which had lost many good warriors, bringing about a considerable decline in the morale of its people.

It was said that the family of Torslo descended from the Aiur, it was said that these men and women were direct guardians of the Gods. But, at the moment the attention of Torslo was all directed to the continuity of the clan, that left blind to the betrayal of his brother, who secretly began to incite hatred and desire for revenge on his people.

When the desire for retaliation grew in the heart of the clan, they came to Torslo crying out for revenge. Torslo denied it, argued that this was not the moment, but his brother pulled his sword and placed it in the throat of Torslo, calling him a traitor and coward, the revolt was so great that day that the young man had to flee his village since it was said that there was no place between them for a coward who did not hear his own clan. Wulf sat in the chair that belonged to his father and made preparations for the attack on his rivals.

As pure as Torslo's heart was, he was tutored by a fallen Aiur, a man wrapped with the shadows in his heart, who taught the young man from childhood the arts of occult magic, he disguised evil with beautiful words and Torslo never suspected anything, the real name of this tutor is unknown, it is only known that was called after his death by the name of Shlumaê (Shlu-Great;Maê-Enemy).

When Torslo was 14 years old, his tutor informed him that he needed to travel to have a more intimate revelation of his real nature and power and so he went, never returned and did not give any news. Now, when young Torslo was lost in the forest, Shlumaê came to meet him, from then on he used Torslo's disappointment as fuel, and then the wise boy became corrupted as his tutor.

Mairü, the Supreme God did not suspect the betrayal of the fallen Aiur, since no Aiur had rebelled or betrayed him. Taking advantage of this premise, the two Aiur traveled to Mt. Garthang, where no man had ever stepped before. Of the expulsion of Torslo until the travel to the Mount, two years passed.

When they arrived at their destination, the two were confronted by the creatures that lived there, humanoid animals that had little intelligence soon to be subjugated by the black aura of Shlumaê and his apprentice, the strength of will of those creatures was very weak, when they underwent to the command of the two, became raw material for Shlumae's nefarious experiments.

Thus began "The Great Aberration", Shlumaê enslaved men and women captured while traveling, and made crosses between creatures and humans, bringing to the world nefarious things, many died at birth, those who lived were selected to serve the two blindly. The "society" of these new creatures was based on strength, brutality and fear, only the strong survived, born the fearsome orcs, uruks, wargs, trolls and other aberrations that the insane mind of the fallen Aiur could conceive.

Numerous were the creatures. Their society were based on their characteristics, the Garthangs, who were more similar to humans, were ferocious warriors and possessed intelligence almost similar to humans. There were also the Malaks, as ferocious as the Garthangs, but with some physical deformities that set them apart, had the elongated skull at the back and jaw, big ears and huge teeth.

Other breeds appeared, but with characteristics that made them smaller and weaker than the first specimens, such as the Tolfths and Harrteks, the latter being the weakest and most cowardly among the orcs.

Finally came the Uruk-hais, a mixture between humans and Garthang orcs, creatures of high stature and burly, quite cruel and extremely faithful to their master. The two fallen Aiur spent many years creating their aberrations, hidden in the depths of the mountains, but when the time for attack had arrived, forty-five years had passed, but the two, sheltered by the black magic that enveloped them, did not feel the effects of time in their bodies. Kings had fallen and new ones had risen, and this was the time for a devastating attack.

It was the year 1260 when the abominable army of Shlumaê and Torslo left the depths of the earth to devastate Calradia, their first target was the lands of the Kingdom of Rhodok, King Graveth was their king in those times, who, taken by the sense of duty, marched with his army to the feet of the Garthang Mountains.

The two armies fought ferociously, there are reports that hungry orcs ate their enemies alive on the battlefield, such an image would frighten anyone, but not those brave Rhodokian warriors, led by their King, fighting for their lives and their loved ones.

During the fierce battle, King Graveth cut off the head of Shlumaê and exhibited the prize there, while the body of the fallen Aiur twisted and disappeared in the air.

The story says that at this moment, Torslo went into a state of fury, his eyes became red, his body writhed and he screamed, both armies stopped struggling for a moment to look at the Aiur, soon a wave of energy knocked over all. As they watched Torslo again, he was tall, taller than anyone on the battlefield was, his skin became gray, and his veins emitted a pulsating red light, he invested against the King, who could do nothing to defend himself, he were thrown several times against the ground until he passed out.

Graveth's warriors, thinking that the King had died, fled or were devoured, the King's body did not return to a dignified burial, because in fact, the king had not died, but had been taken to the mountains, it is said that night, Graveth's cries were heard from afar, no word was heard of him, at least for a while.

It is said that Torslo forged armor with blood using Graveth's blood, legend tells that the king died and was resurrected shortly after as a slave of Torslo's will. The Aiur became the First Dark Lord. From that moment, Torslo no longer existed, was born Valrok, The Dark King of Molor.

Lord Valrok walked again through the Rhodokian lands, devastating everything, his strength was invincible against the Rhodokians, always fighting with his new general Khamzûl, a knight covered in black armor and hood, who blindly obeyed Valrok's orders.

The forces of darkness conquered the capital of Rhodok, Jelkala and soon after, Veluca. The surviving Rhodokians fled to Dumar and the Castle of Etrosq, they did not have a leader because the King had no heirs, they became scattered and helpless before the overwhelming enemy. Hope seemed to be gone.

Harlaus, King of Swadia and Ragnar, King of the Nord, rallied. They assembled one of the largest armies ever assembled, set out to meet Valrok's forces in a last attempt to defend the Kingdom of Rhodok.

The battle began with The Dark Lord ordering their opponents to surrender. Ragnar replied with his ax in hand, saying that if Valrok wanted those lands, he would fight.

The two armies engaged in a fierce and disorderly battle, the two kings killed many enemies, raising the morale of their fighters. In a moment of battle, Valrok's huge mace hit Harlaus' horse. The king fell and was almost crushed by his mount that was now dead. Dark Lord was preparing to deliver the mortal blow to Harlaus, but that was his mistake, for he did not remember that his other enemy, Ragnar was right behind him and with his great ax, cut off Valrok's head, making his body stand still for a few moments as the helmet rolled and fell at Harlaus's feet.

Valrok's body exploded in a reddish, dark light, and all fell with the force of the explosion. The victory was of the free people of Calradia, finally. Valrok's army fled into the mountains.

Harlaus, the King of Swadia became proud for the victory against Valrok, ​​took the enemy's armor to the hall of his castle in Praven, the fool did not realize that Valrok did not need armor to fight, he created it only to contain his spirit after the death of his physical body, the armor was an extension of Valrok.

In time, the king heard Valrok's voice echoing in his mind, to the point of influencing his thoughts, a time came when Harlaus no longer had his own will, but his servants did not notice.

Every year on the day of the "Great Battle", festivities were held all over Calradia to remember the great feat, that year Harlaus invited all the kings of Calradia to attend a banquet in Praven. the King was being influenced by the spirit of Valrok, which seized his mind, secretly poisoned all the cups of the other kings, and his own. Valrok prepared a magic ritual of darkness.

On that nefarious day, the kings of the kingdom of Swadia, Vaegir, Nord, Khergit, and Sarranid Sultanate died. Because of the ritual, their bodies were revived serving the will of Valrok who now controlled all the ancient kings. The kings drew their weapons and began a boundless killing through the palace corridors until they reached Valrok's armor, which was taken from the place and taken out of the city, where Khamzûl awaited them.

The ancient kings became the "Six Wraiths of Valrok" led by Witch King Khamzûl. Valrok's armor was taken to Jelkala, which had been recovered that day in secret, along with Veluca in a devastating and silent attack. Many localities fell on the following days, the kingdoms of the vaegirs and the khergits with the time fell in chaos and brutality, today they are known like the wild men of Dundeland, and the assassins of the Steppeland. The ancient kingdom of Sultan Hakim, became tribal again, with nomadic tribes divided by its territory. The kingdom of Rhodok, is now only a tribe of people struggling to survive. Swadia became Swayza and narrowly broke into disorder. The Nord people, too, have managed to hold their ground because they need to fight constantly against the Dundelanders, and fighting is what they do best.

"The scrolls end here, I can not know if this is the end of the texts or if there are missing parts. And I have no health to look for more. "

William Grammaticus.


That's some huge story! You really had this well thought

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Amazing story guys.

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Thanks guys! :)

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An impressive story, nice use of Sindarin by the way, do these six Wraiths have combat abilities of the same kind as the actual Nazgul or are they just special characters, also do you have planned for the main character's part in all this

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