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Cryengine scenes. And what im working on right now...

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Well now, i have been busy it seems. Progress is slower than a snail whose legs are broken (I know snails don't have legs) Since i'm more busy with making a living to myself and working than working on the mod, however i haven't given up, not yet. I already have a nice background story mixed in so i atleast have a template to work by.

So i made a small plan and to be honest a lot of thinking went into this small scene what is just a demo to see if its possible or not, it is a pain to make and very hard to master the movement of the characters.

So i made a small scene on the first level to be seen in the mod.

This kinda was a breakthrough what i was trying to archive with this outdated engine, since it doesn't support first person animations like Crysis does because its an older engine and those codes aren't implemented yet.

Now keep in mind that the stock mutants in Far Cry will be modified too, well, look better. And that there will be some voice acting by me and when i will find some guys, from them do. It looks a little bland right now, i know, but this was just to see can i do it to this degree.

I got some shots off the level aswell:



Progress iiis slow, since by the time i get back home from work i'm most likely very tired but i usually work on the mod for an hour or so.

This will be an awesome project i hope to finish by the middle of next year, and make it one of those "Oh that mod was cool". So stay tuned.

Vladiskov - - 384 comments

soo this its likecrysis in a outdated engine?

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rkraptor70 - - 4,975 comments

Nothing is "outdated", everything is ageless.

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Janzu118 Author
Janzu118 - - 156 comments

Technically speaking no.
See, there already is a Crysis mod for far cry but it got cancelled.
Some armor abilities like cloak work similarly like in crysis but stay true for Halo, it is a Halo mod after all.

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TheSleepingObama - - 438 comments

So are the mutants going to stay?

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Janzu118 Author
Janzu118 - - 156 comments

Yeah, i managed to get them nicely fit into the story by combining Halo universe with Far Cry one. Will post it by the upcoming weeks.

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Marek33 - - 3,892 comments

Great work! Keep it up.

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Alexa68 - - 4 comments

sieht gut aus

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jbhop - - 3 comments

will you release a beta/alpha soon?

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