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This Is A List Of All Republic Ground Units In Empire At War FOC Grand Armies At War Expansion.

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Remember That This Is Only A Concept, Or An Idea In Other Words. I Hope That You Consider This When Placing You Comments In The Comments Section Down Below. Now, Onto The Republic Army

  • AT-TE {All Terrain Tactical Enforcer}: The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer Is A Heavily Armored Walker Used By The Republic For Massive Troop Deployments And For Close Fire Support. It Is Equipped With A Roof Mounted Railgun And Six Medium Blaster Cannon, Four Facing Forward Two And On The Rear. It Is Armored Enough To Take A Couple Of Shots Directly But Should Be On The Backlines As Fast Moving Artillery. Can Also Spawn Two AT-RT Scout Walkers Are In Its Hold And Should Be Used To Scout For This Multirole Marvel By Rontha Heavy Engineering. An Subsidiary Of KDY.
  • AR-RT {All Terrain Recon Transport}: The AT-RT Is A Fast Attack And Scout Walker Used By The Republic Army. It Is Useful At Taking Out Anything At Short Range, And Should Be Used To Rush The Enemy Because Of Its Fast Running Speed. Beware Of Its Light Armor Though, Because It Only Takes One Artillery Round To Disable It.
  • AT-XT {All Terrain Experimental Transport}: The AT-XT Is A Walker Used At The End Of The Clone Wars. Designed To Take Out Enemy Armor From Long Range Without The High Cost Of An AV-7 Artillery Or AT-TE. It Is Equipped With Two Repeating Blaster Cannon, Two Missile Pods, And A Shield Generator. It Can Also Be Used To Take Out Enemy Infantry At Medium Range. Has The Power To Shields Ability.
  • AT-PT {All Terrain Personal Transport}: The AT-PT Is A Walker That Should Be Used In The Defence Of Planets Rather Then The Assault Of One. Because Of Its Cheap Price And Its Two Medium Laser Cannon.
  • AT-AP {All Terrain Attack Pod}: The AT-AP Is A Cheap And Mobile Short Range Artillery Unit That Was Used Near The End Of The Clone Wars. It Also Has A Medium And Light Blaster Cannon. It Also Has Weak Armor So It Should Be Used At Range.
  • Clone Troop Battalion: Clone Troopers Are The Mainstay Of The Grand Army Of The Republic And Are Used In A Variety Of Ways And Variants. The Phase 1 Clones Were Built With Clunky Armor That Would Protect Form A Standard Droid Blaster Rifle. They Can Limber Up {Run Faster}. Phase 2 Clones Were An Improved Variant Of The Armor That Was More Comfortable Then Its Predecessor And Was More Versatile. They Can Limber Up As Well. Other Variants Include Engineer Corps Can Plant MInes And Can Make Fortifications, Heavy Weapons Troops Are Equipped With Rocket Launchers. Can Take Cover And Can Lay Mines. Arc Troopers Are Special Commandos That Should Be Used To Get Behind Enemy Lines With Their Short Duration Cloak Ability. They Can Take Cover.
  • TX-130 Sabre Tank: The Sabre Tank Is A Fast Attack Tank Equipped With Two Light Blaster Cannon, Two Missile Launchers, And Shields. Should Be Used When Enemy Fortifications Are To Well Defended That A Full Frontal Assault Would Be Unwise.
  • AV-7 Artillery Cannon: The AV-7 Is A Heavy Artillery Cannon Capable Of Bombarding Enemy Fortifications At Extreme Range. It Takes Time To Set Up And Should Be Far Behind Friendly Lines.
  • Acclamator Assault Ship: The Acclamator Assault Ship Can Come Into The Atmosphere Of A Planet And Serve As A Long Range Proton Torpedo Launcher. It Can Serve As A Mobile Fighter Spawn Point. Its Guns Can Only Fire Into The Air And Its Proton Missile Launchers Can Decimate Enemies On The Ground. It Is Equipped With A Large Sensor Ping.
  • Venator-Class Heavy Cruiser: The Venator Is A Moving Gun Platform When Deployed On The Surface And Is Capable Of Unleashing Mobs Of Fighters At The Enemy. The Enemy's Only Hope To Bring This Down Would Be To Bring Heavy Arial Artillery And/Or A Capital Ship Of Their Own Onto The Fray. Note That It Can Only Fire Its Turbo Lasers Into The Air And Cannot Bombard The Ground. Has A Massive Sensor Ping.
  • RX-200 Repulsor Tank: The RX-200 Is A Experimental Tank That Can Disable Enemy Vehicles And Can Bring Down Enemy Shields In An Instant. A Mobile Ion Cannon If You Will. It Is Also Used As Close Anti-Air Support. It Will Disable Any Ground Vehicles But It Also Destroys Enemy Air Units In An Instant.
  • SPHA Heavy Cannon: The SPHA Heavy Cannon Is A Specialized Unit Capable Of Pounding Away at Enemy Capital Ships From The Ground Into The Air. It Is Very Large And Exposed In Ground Combat And Should Be Defended Accordingly.

It seems a very good mod, work on it, it will be great

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