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After a long slience, I think I really need to write an article to explain why didn't we active on Moddb, and why have we done during the time

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I think some of you might feel familiar with this mod. If you followed this mod few months ago, you would still remember we had released a demo months ago

Then there's a question: why did we delete all contents (including this demo) from our page on moddb?

First, I’m not good at writing articles in English, please forgive me.

After the release of the first demo. I have some arguments with my members (My friend GraphicGuy and an artist I couldn’t write his name in English). The artist wanted me to make some differences from other vanilla hl2 mods (For example: modern architectural style)

I feel the modern architectural style is completely unsuitable in HL2, I wanted disagree with this idea at first, unfortunately I couldn’t figure out any reasons to do it. So during this time I felt like I was their puppet mapper who had to make maps to satisfied their requests lol


An experimental map I made during this time.

Then, what happened next?

I must say, We don't have many communications with other members in Discord, (First, the main members: me, GraphicGuy, and the artist are all Chinese, we discuss the development outside of the Discord, because Discord is banned in China.) Because of the gap between two different languages. We don’t have much time to translate our ideas to English. (We’re all students) So our Discord server is so quiet for a long time.

But that doesn’t mean we’re dead. I’m still making maps for the Chapter 2, GraphicGuy and the artist are helping me to write and improve the plot of the CC.

Though we didn’t give up this project, there’s still a big problem: As the development progresses, we find out we need more people to join this team. Otherwise we can’t complete the CC, or we’ll cancel it because of more and more problems from the real world.

I’ve posted the helper requests in VMC many times, then there’s no answer. We cannot look for helper in China because there’re only three modders in our community, and we’re the one. So we just like “We have no people to help us, we’re all along.” because of the situation

What’s the future of the Comet Cage.

If you ask this question, my answer is: I don’t know, I don’t know what will it be as the leader of the Dev-Team I’m so tired after many bullshit things in the Real World, other members are too. So maybe I need to take a rest, then focus mainly the things in the Real World.

I can promise to you I’ll back on CC at the time. But I’m not sure when will I back. You can still find me in many Source Discord servers (Like Map Labs, VMC, Entropy: Zero.) if you wanna talk something with me, my DM is always open

To all followers of us



You're not the only one suffering from the real world problems nowadays, life is getting more tough every day and so is modding along with any other hobby.
Take your time, today's world events are huge obstacles for everyone. Despite all that, everything is still possible, but it requires time and effort along with countless failures and downfalls.
Even though It's hard for you to get an actual assistance in mapping/whatever, you still have the entire community here to give you support and advice at any time, just take a rest for some time until the inspiration unnoticeably comes back and keep on modding!

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Making modifications means constantly struggling with problems, with new problems, with problems again...
My experience result - to objectively feel one's own strength, to understand what you can do and what you can't. It helps not to get stuck аnd miss out on time that could have been spent on simpler features and filling with details.

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Koishi_Komeiji_1984 Author

Opps, I didn't expect you'll come here, but you're right, it's good to know what can I do and what I can't

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