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A bit of a story I wrote about the first battle of the Soviet Revolution.

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Just to get a bit of a feel of what its like to be a part of this uprising and such, I wrote a bit of a story about this initial skirmish of the Soviet Interstellar Dissention.


The heat finally ceased. Even in our heavily shielded transport, travelling across the surface of venus is a hideous venture. But we've reached our destination, under the surface of Venus, which ironically is almost as habitable as Earth, save for the atmosphere containing high Xenon concentrations. My squad and I emerge from the transport to witness a terribly horrid sight. From behind our hidden position betwixt dual sides of a jagged cliff, we see a small soviet outpost next to a large forest of trees made from a combination of Venucian DNA and Earth Redwood DNA, and harvesting the trees is the Venucians themselves. Chained to an electric generator, if they make one false move the soviet soldiers could activate it and severely injure or even kill them with a flip of a switch. My squadmates Suzuki and Blow are up on top of the cliff monitoring the situation with electroteloscopic magnifiers. The rest of us of whom are I, Rifler, Katcsinsky, Snowman, Commie, and Bauer (our liutenant) are situated below there position and out of sight from the outpost. Bauer orders, "Whats down there?". "They've got a F-6 Vanguard and....I count at least 10 soldiers away from the outpost." Suzuki answers. "The F-6 is modified to carry some of that timber...we could probably take it back to the dropship, if it's got adequate shielding" Blow continues Suzuki's explanation. But down at the outpost we did not go unheard. A single Soviet soldier comes toward our position, rifle in hand. "Get down!" Kat reviles. The soviet soldier comes upon our position and in panic, blindly fires his AK-245 in our direction. The hiss of the plasma dart that emerges from the barrel is well kown amongst our men. Before the soldier could reload his weapon, Snowman dispatches him with a silenced Pre-Second Cold War era shotgun. "Looks like they didn't notice him come up here." Rifler observes, looking down at the outpost. "Alright," Liutenant Bauer commands "Let's move." We all load our weapons and head down towards the Venucian forest. "I'll commandier that F-6, the rest of you, fend off the soldiers until we can make our escape." Snowman suggests. Snowman ducks across a few fallen trees and hides behind one of them, as the F-6 transport rumbles our way. The rest of us, treading in the general direction of the outpost are soon spotted by the Soviet troops and fired upon. A burst of ash dusts my light armour, as I load my proton dart tube and prepare to fire. Bauer orders, "Anyone with proton darts, do two twists before firing; the enemy is just out of short range." I get out of my cover for a second and using momentum alone, for which these proton dart tubes were designed, throw a dart at the nearest soldier. I quickly duck back behind the fallen tree for cover, but not before I see the soldier's arm get blown off by my weapon. I glance to my right to see snowman duck underneath the Vanguard. The F-6 Vanguard, designed by famed and favoured Mikhail Petrov, tankwriter, was meant to be more like an armoured motorcycle with treads than a tank, and had not much of a bottom surface/floor, which Snowman took advantage of, getting inside the F-6 and throwing the previous occupant out. "Lets get out of here, move it!" orders Bauer. We escape into the forest heading generally towards Snowman and the F-6 which are moving towards the exit from this Venucian cave. But we quickly realise that escaping the pounding shots from 9 AK245's would be near impossible. "How do we get out of here?!" Blow shouts over the bombardment. "Let me assist." requests Commie, as she pulls out a device looking similar to a crossbow. she aims the weapon toward the box chaining Venucians together with electricity, and fires a shimmering projectile. The projectile slams into the box and explodes; the freed Venucians drop the logs they were carrying and attack their orderers. Distracted by this uprising among slaves, we were given enough time to escape. As we make a mad surge toward the egression, Rifler was caught in a blast from some Soviet weapon, and felled. Not having time to mourn we squeesed into the small transport only meant to carry three maximum and made it out of the cave. "The heat shields will only last for awhile in a vehicle of this size!" Snowman informs us. "We have to get to that Dropship soon or we'll all die a horrid death!" he continues. Bauer would like to be informed, "How much timber is this carrying?" "About fifty litres!" Suzuki discovers in excitement. We started to feel terribly sweltered as the sheilds on our transport slowly disintigrate, and I didn't believe we would survive. But we saw the dropship on the horizon and in a burst of speed the transport careened into its small hangar. The pilot, Marijuanica we called him, and Downer, we called the gunner, greeted us exhaustedly and our small dropship soared into Chronical Breakdown as we headed back to base. We heated our space station with the timber we acquired, that night. ya the Raid on Venus, first official battle of the Dissention....not that good, I know, but wuteva

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actualy this is a prety good story but personaly i wud like to se some pre WW3 details (how all this happened)

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