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Well, as the title say, I have changed the project name,you can see the reason by reading this.

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Not big difference between "Clean Up the Mess" and "The Clean Up".
Why have I changed it? Some of my friends were complaining because it doesn't sounds good, so I have to change it to something that doesn't sounds "childish" or "clean up the room".

However, hopefully to can release a demo soon when a few maps will be done.

Stay on for future updates, and don't forget to kill Science Team and Alien basterds.

X-Ray. - - 981 comments

Also was too long. Now better i think.

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Blue199 - - 6,971 comments

The new one is more catchy! :)

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23-down - - 3,579 comments

Well technically it's better. Remember this for the remainder of your life:

Always choose a title that is short, swift and precise to the topic at hand. Because that's expected both in school and in job environments.

Even "The clean up" isn't that well chosen either. As it leads to the question: "The clean up" of what? 'Cause it could refer to house cleaning after having a wild party on the previous day. Or anything else for that matter.

How about "Military Clean up" or "The military clean up"?
"Military cleansing" - "The Military purge" Also not that precise but it limits things to the military. Indicating a different sort of clean up operation. People may no longer immediately suspect a mob being involved in this. :D

You get the idea. Looking forward to that demo of yours.

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The_Guardian™ Author
The_Guardian™ - - 81 comments

Not bad, but images are suggesting that it's "militaryish" but nothing else. And yes, I hope as well to release that demo once!

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