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Right, so i've just got a couple of things to sort...

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Right, so i've just got a couple of things to sort. First off, where have i been and second off why i'm i postponing the game?

My first reason is because i've been getting into other hobbies like animation and web design that i left little time to developing the game. So posts for indiedb havent been as frequent (not like they were in the first place).

The second reason is most of the first reason, but theres more to why its postponed than whats on surface level. I've been having extreme difficulty developing this game due to my inexperienced knowledge of unity, despite the 3 years i've spent on this engine i havent learnt any programming and so its been a sluggish few years making this. The engine clearly doesn't like my lack of coding expertise, so every time i attempt to implent or do something the engine throws error messages at me and since of course i have no idea what these mean i can't really progress very far. But as this might sound like i'm giving up on it, thats far from the truth. I have newer features i havent announced yet that will be implemented in this game, like interactive enviroments and advanced weapon modes.

But for the time being, i'll be taking leave until i return to the project at a later date.

As of March 2019, This project has been permanently cancelled. All focus will be shifted to animation and other web stuff and i'll no longer be developing games in the near future. Visit for my other projects.

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