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During the past months Helios has made a lot of progress. Because I have never precisely said what features we support here they are!

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Helios has made a lot of progress in the past months and is starting to get close to the Alpha stage. At this point Helios contains:


Gardening & Harvesting
Gathering (insects, mushrooms, honey, etc)
Fletching (Arrows)

Each player can use all classes and these contain no specific level. Therefore if you're lucky enough to find a unique item you won't be held back by your level.


Buy items (Including stacks)
Sell items (Including stacks)
Wandering NPC's (NPC's walk around in the city and perform actions)
Quests (Kill quests, Gather quests, Delivery quests)
Talk system


The combat system is still in a very early stage but will be action based. The player has to make combo's to do more damage or use there skills. The combat system uses a collision system this means that the player has to aim and there is no "miss" factor of any kind.

I am doing my best to get the last bugs out and finish the combat system so that we can start the Alpha stage. (Feel free to contact me for any more questions or tips)

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