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You just can't seem to record a video in the Source Recorder well.

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I just don't know how people can record stuff with the Source Recorder. It's like trying to play soccer in a minefield or something! On my first try, the file was 6 GB because I didn't compress it. It would never play the same in the different editors. In Windows Media Player, it was ridiculously slow. In QuickTime, it was blue. I figured out not to change the host_framerate when you're recording the demo. It was like watching a silent movie, you know all the sped up stuff. Along with that, it was out of sync and at one of the points of the video, a cube hit a wall and all you could see was dust on the wall, no cube.

I managed to upload this video right here, out of sync and ugly. Any suggestions on a program to use to record Portal movies? (Hopefully free!)

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