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This is the basic storyline that we are following, the games go in order, except for PTTC, which is set between Portal Flash Version and Portal 2.

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Portal: Prelude

The Plot: In Portal Prelude, the whole story is set into place, setting up the story for Aperture Science, GLaDOS, and Portal technology. You play as Abby, a new test subject for the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. As normal, you finish the 19 test chambers and you are about to be thrown a party due to you being the only test subject to complete the test, just as GLaDOS is about to be switched on. GLaDOS, the Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System was designed to run and help out the entire testing facility, giving her (it) complete access. Being probably the world's biggest and best super computer, she realized that employee's were no longer needed, since she could control every aspect of the testing process. Since GLaDOS had access to the security system and much advanced technology, she killed off every employee instantly, but 2. Abby switched on the machine and wasn't killed due to a window and the sheer size of the room. Unfortunately, GLaDOS was able to break the window and bring her into the chamber where the computer was hosted. Mike, a scientist that has guided Abby throughout the testing process was able to shut GLaDOS down and give Abby instructions on how to get GLaDOS sane again. Unfortunately, he was too late, a rocket turret was activated in his room and killed him, making Abby the only human in the entire facility. Let's take a little detour from this story, and let me explain why this is happening. 4 main cores were designed by Aperture Science to process the information GLaDOS receives, the Curiosity and Intelligence cores were already installed, with the Emotion on the way and Morality still in development. In many scenes a strange business man (The G-Man) appears, but he is never heard. He can be seen leaving the building when Abby picks up the full Portal Gun, so in a sense, he was the one that either delivered or modified the Emotion core, which was installed prior to GLaDOS going haywire. Once he had done what needed to be done, he left. Obviously, he didn't want Aperture Science to succeed in Portal technology. Off the detour. Abby's instructions were to head down to the labs where the Morality core was being worked on, and manually plug it into GLaDOS. Many minutes later GLaDOS is now back on and it's Abby's job to plug it in. She does but GLaDOS fights back, and almost kills her. When Abby wakes back up the entire facility has been flooded with a neurotoxin. Abby wakes up again and an employee is seen taking Abby out of GLaDOS's chamber, this is pretty much the end of the story, except Abby is then thrown outside and the G-Man is seen watching her inside the entrance's booth. It is only possible that Abby was left to die, alone.


The Plot: You, a new test subject, Chell, are the new victim of the Enrichment Center, who is about to undergo the Portal technology testing. Not much of a story line, other then the fact that GLaDOS is now sane and the facility seems to be completely empty. Once you reach the end of the testing, GLaDOS tries to kill you in a fiery death, but she fails, hopefully because if you have died each and every time you glide into the fire pit you should probably close this document, not download Portal Taste The Cake and go take a long walk across a wide highway. Anyway, you eventually reach GLaDOS's chamber, which should look familiar, and GLaDOS starts to talk. Seconds later the Morality core falls out and for some strange reason, Chell throws it into an incinerator (why is there one in her chamber if all GLaDOS does is manage the facility, it's not like she has hands to throw away materials with) which sends her down in a spiral. GLaDOS now has an urge to kill her. After a few minutes of taking the other cores and burning them and redirecting rockets, eventually, GLaDOS's chamber is sucked out through the roof (why that would happen I don't know). This seems to be the end of Portal.

Portal: Flash Version Map Pack

The Plot: This mod fills in the blank about what happened to the Borealis and what other chambers were on the other side of the walls. Eventually you escape and learn that you are a clone of many Chell's whether you are the first or the hundredth, the story doesn't say, but something must have been wrong with you to go against the computer's commands. Somewhere out in the world, the Borealis must have been shipping out cores for a Super Mech made by Aperture Science since not only do you load a container ship with them, but you also face one at the end of the game. GLaDOS must think you are too much for her, and actually lets you out through the garage door in which you fought the Super Mech. Once you get out, a ship can be seen in the distance. This is where this game ends.

Portal 2

The Plot: Now, as you can see, I don't work for Valve, although I would like to, but I don't have the skills to compete with others twenty times better and faster then me. In Portal 2 it seems that GLaDOS wakes up from what should have been a long nap for both her and you, but somehow it seems she is still alive. Now, I don't know the complete plot of Portal 2, but you and everyone else can probably guess the story is continued and that more test chambers have been made. As of now, this is the entire plot of Portal 2, so until the game is released, this is the end.Now, ask yourself this one question, why are all these games and mods listed if only 2 of them are really connected. Well, that's what they wanted you to think.

The Connections

The whole story is set up with Portal: Prelude, which as written above, sets up the entire story. Aperture Science is testing Portal technology, GLaDOS is turned on, and everything goes up in insanity. Now, at the end of Portal: Prelude, Abby seems to disappear, and unfortunately, isn't heard from again. Abby did play one major role though, she set Chell up. Once Chell entered the room, GLaDOS had to think about different results that could happen, so her cores were working in overdrive. Unfortunately, since Abby wasn't a mechanic the core was never properly installed, it was just placed in the right place where it was designed to go, so, without any welding or screws, it fell out. Once Chell set it ablaze, GLaDOS went insane just as she did when the core wasn't installed. The core stopped her from flooding the Enrichment Center with the neurotoxin, so, without it, she could continue flooding. Now, 3 cores later, Chell destroyed GLaDOS. Or so the story went. Look closely at the end credits, it says "Thank you for participating in this Enrichment Center activity!!" The entire game was one test, including the end fight sequence; it was all a single chamber. Using this, you were yet again, brought to the beginning of a new test, A.K.A. Portal: Flash Version Map Pack. At the end, read above, you were taken away in an airship and taken away. Just one little problem though, how is it that you go from exiting a garage to entering the facility in ruins? It's not like you were taken hostage for hundreds of years and just dropped off, there had to of been story between these events. This is exactly what we are here for. Without further ado, Portal: Taste The Cake.

Portal Taste The Cake

The Plot: Portal: Taste The Cake, fills in the gaps that Valve never told you. Did you really think GLaDOS was that stupid to let herself be be accessed by a single employee that didn't belong, let alone a test subject that we think might as well be a clone. Everything that you thought you knew, was a lie, we are here to tell the truth. Portal: TTC introduces new characters, techniques, and technology, such as the Portal Paradox and the Matter Accelerator. This mod will shed light on why GLaDOS turns insane, how chambers are built, and the biggest secret of all, who is really watching if GLaDOS doesn't exist?

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(where are the pictures and videos to satiate the retarded masses?)

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This is just the key to the storyline and how each thing flows together, this is more of a "If you want to read it you can" kind of article, not much else. This is just kind of a guideline, because this isn't explained in the actual mod.

Some things are, but certain things are a given.

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