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This the 8th Issue of The Planet Pokemon Bi-weekly!

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Issue #8

Server Status​:​Up

Game Progress

by Dunghallen

We are working hard on the battle prototype which will essentially be a test to see how

battling will work in the alpha. To go further into detail, the battle demo will test the different

types of moves that pokemon can use in the game, these move types are categorized by their

function. The goal of the prototype is to test each attack type. We are also currently discussing

the day/night cycle, hopefully we’ll have more to report on that in the next issue. We’ve also a

few animations done for some of the pokemon

Tournaments and Rankings

by Dunghallen

No tournaments last Saturday, we greatly apologize, we were too busy to host. But we

hope you all had an amazing Halloween anyway!

The current top 25 rankings are:

1. [128.5 Rank Points] Kwames

2. [104 Rank Points] DolphinHungry

3. [83.5 Rank Points] luana

4. [81 Rank Points] bowieee

5. Satoshi

6. pokeman1342

7. BlueDemon

8. Zangoose

9. Jfaferrie

10. Zehkar

11. Skyre

12. dareem3

13. Blind

14. Loki

15. Bulbasaur

16. freddyfazbear

17. xAltariax

18. Wendoling

19. Dunghallen

20. frezer

21. thegamester41

22. wendel12BR

23. herobrinedestroy

24. Ilumina

25. Legiticism

Remember our tournaments are on Saturday at 21:00 GMT(5 pm EST), and Sunday at 0:00

GMT(Saturday 8 pm EST).

Ask Section

by Shadow

Again and again our collections of thoughts remain devoid of answers, whether they be

so simple as to contemplate the colour of the sky or to consult the fundamentals of logistics and


Gather your uncertainties and questions about technical problems or future and current plans for

the game or even something stupidly irrelevant, so long as the question can be answered, the ask

section is directed towards providing that answer.

Every other week, users can submit their questions in the comments, at random, one will be

chosen and featured, alongside an answer.

There have been no questions for this issue, please check back here next time.

“A Spot in Town”

by AndIsayHey

Do you think you know the pre­alpha like the back of your hand? If so, step right up and

test your knowledge! This is the Spot in Town section, a section in which a screenshot of

somewhere in­game will be posted, and it’ll be up to you to take a screenshot of my location!

The first person to get it correct has their name featured in the next newsletter. Speaking of

which, the first person to get it right last time was bluesonic1​. Congratulations!

Without further ado:

View the PDF for more details.

No new quizzes or jokes this week, sorry.

Pre­Alpha Tips

by dragontrainer

When playing the Pre­Alpha, there are things that not many people know are possible to

do, or just completely pass over. This article segment is for all sorts of tips and hints to broaden

your play in the Pre­Alpha. We will be featuring a few of these tips per article, so if you want to

learn some secrets of the Pre­Alpha, this is where to look.

Tip #1.) If you collect the clovers and/or coins with your Pokemon you have a chance of

getting double rewards.

Tip #2.) If you stand by a clover and another person collects it while you are close, there

is a chance that he will share the clover with you.

Well that’s all for now. Check this section again in our next newsletter for more hints and

tips. See Ya!

New Team Members/Project Leads

by Dunghallen

We would like to welcome Asidium(​Senior Programmer​), ​and Kleeniie(​Moderator​)​to

the team, we expect to see great things from them.

If you want to join the team, you can go to our “Available Positions​” thread.

Available positions

Our current open positions that we are looking for people to fill are:


● Web designer

● Programmer


● 2D, 3D artists (e.g. modelers, animators)


● Game Moderator


● Event Organiser


No open positions at this moment.


● Composers

● SFX Editor

As always, please remember that in order to even be considered for a position, You need at least

2 to 3 weeks of sustained project activity​, and 3 posts to send a PM, and a forum account.





or our forums:

Here is the PDF link >>>

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Keep up the good work!

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