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Discussing the original plan for Destination Hostile

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Believe it or not, but Destination Hostile has been cut down since the first iteration. Originally, an epic scene featuring The Borealis being zapped to Xen, crashing through the Hydro Electric Dam at Black Mesa, and finally being transported away just as the player got power back to the ship... and the player being left behind as Black Mesa got nuked.

Still considering on using some of this, but i'm pretty sure it'll be too hard for me to develop some of this (i'm struggling as it is xD). If I do use it, it won't be in the first Destination Hostile release (It'll probably be released in episodes).

Also, possibly will be removing alot of the foliage, as my friend pointed out, plants can't photosynthesise in buildings with no natural light. I have an idea on why a whole lot of the facility looks like a bomb hit :3

On another note, i've made the first outdoor section be on cliffs, to stop the player from being able to survive the fall from the building (it can be quite hard blocking areas off to a player without looking obvious!)

See you next post, thanks for the support ^_^

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