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The Parabellum 1.2 Version full changelog is here.

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I've got already more than 13 thousand downloads and many reviews. Thanks for all your support!

Analyzing a lot of players' and testers' bug reports and suggestions I realized what changes I should do in 1.2 version. So, here a changelog for it. It’s all that I managed to do last week since mod release.

Texture and meshes issues.

Some of players may have texture error messages during game, it was because of my mistakes during patch uploading. Now all textures working fine.

  • All texture and mesh errors was fixed. Also, to avoid white textures in mod, enable “Load textures on demand” at launcher settings.

Also I completed military clothes shop in forts:

  • Player now can buy officer uniform and heavy sentry armor in military clothes shops.

Since mod release I’ve got some complaints about french faction that mod hasn’t. I made poll about Nord faction prototype changing and a lot of people voted for it.

  • Now Nords representing France. They are now in alliance with Rhodoks, Albions and Balions. Their uniforms, weapons and troop trees reworked, lords renamed.

In new version player can buy bikes:

  • You can buy Powerplus Big Twin Motocycle from horse merchant.

I also got some problems on global map. People complained about lords getting stuck at their villages or towns. Last week I made next changes:

  • Lords decisions code reworked - further they will not stay at their land doing nothing.
  • Some sea travelling code mistakes fixed - caravans now can use ports.


This new feature is most buggy in mod. Last week since mod release I also got some suggestions and bug reports about planes, and made some changes. First of all I nerfed bombers:

  • Bombs area of damage decreased from 8 meters to 6, scatter angle of bomb drop was increased from 5 to 7 degrees.

Also I got reports about fighters being useless. So I made next changes:

  • Fighter firing system recoded and now works correctly;
  • Increased fighters rotation speed from 67 d/s to 100 d/s.

Other changes I made for planes:

  • Planes flying speed increased;
  • Player now can take down planes by himself;
  • Planes stuck in sky bug was fixed;
  • Planes week cost of maintenance decreased by 10%;
  • Reduced the volume of flight noise.


This feature is relatively stable. But since mod release I got complains about lords has too much tanks and fights against tanks that are very hard. I made next changes:

  • If lord has 3 tanks of any one tank type, he will not get any tank reinforcements further until those tanks will be destroyed;
  • Tank hunters cost decreased;
  • Anti-Tank rifle accuracy increased from 80 to 95.

Also I am still working on tank hitboxes to make them more bigger.

Other changes I made for tanks:

  • Tanks week cost of maintenance decreased by 10%;
  • Tanks and armoured cars movement speed increased;
  • Tanks firing speed rate decreased;
  • Tanks canons accuracy increased.

Visual features:

  • Rhodok uniforms retexture completely finished;
  • Balion uniforms retextured;
  • Shaders improved: dark nights and too much dark offices and taverns are now more bright;

Most factions still has one extra troop tree: stormtroopers or sharpshooters. You could notice that sharpshooters was too overpowered than stormtroopers, so I made next changes to increase stormtroopers close-range power:

  • Shotgun’s number of pellets increased from 6 to 12, pellets scatter increased by half;
  • Shotgun using range for AI increased by 37.5%.

I still working on other important bugs that you reported about.
Have fun playing!


Bloody fantastic! Nice to see you're updating regularly! Good luck!

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Can you increase the price for heavy weapons? It's pretty weird to see a machine gun has the same cost as a howitzer, doubling the amount would be pretty balanced, as it is quite op in the right hand.

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Can't wait!!

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Thank you so much for taking care of the planes. it was getting rather frustrating. The mod is absolutely amazing!

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Sounds absolutely great. One thing this mod is still lacking, however, is anti tank rifles for players. I don't know if you can find them, but if you can, they're as rare as a flintlock pistol in Native.

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Fantastic work! Just if I could suggest something )that I think you're already working on anyways) is easier ways to kill tanks? This is the first mod I've ever played with stable vehicles and you have done incredible work. This mod should hopefully get you noticed if you're planning on going into a career for computer programming.

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The mod starts and works well but when I fight on a map the map textures fail to load, can someone help me here?

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