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A medium-length singleplayer campaign for the original Unreal, built with/for oldunreal’s 227J patch.

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After a long time in development, The One is finally released!

Download link for the 1.0 release is available here:
The One V1.0 addon - Unreal: The One mod for Unreal - Mod DB

The One is a small/medium-sized mappack for the Oldunreal 227j patch, inspired by classic unreal community maps such as "Nali Cove", "One Day" or "Tashara’s Cove". But it utilizes oldunreal's 227j patch features such as improved stability and better graphical fidelity.

Welcome to the island of K’tharia. The Nali have established a peaceful haven here, free from oppression by the Skaarj. Unfortunately the island holds a dark secret, an ancient deity has awoken and it demands a sacrifice. Unfortunate victims are drawn to the underground, never to be seen again. Unfortunately for you, you are about to become it's latest victim…

Island valley

The mappack includes the following features:

  • Five levels to explore, all set in different area's of the underground ruins below the island.
  • Two hub maps to explore, including the island itself and the island port-town.
  • Two new weapons added to the classic unreal weapon arsenal, including a crossbow grapple gun and a homing throwing-blade.
  • Various new enemy types, including unique Krall classes, the War-dogs, and even benevolent Nali.
  • Various NPC’s that you will meet on the way, each with their own narrative, unique quests and interactions.
  • Upgraded graphical detail from the original unreal, using the new features and capabilities of the 227J patch.
  • A narrative driven campaign, using character interactions, translator messages, and dream sequences to propel the plot forward, will you be able to discover the island’s dark secret and escape The One?

Underground depths

Underground halls

Underground abyss

Installation instructions are provided within the download, in the included readme.txt file.

Reminder, in order to play this you MUST HAVE the 227J patch installed onto your Unreal installation. More information on obtaining this patch can be found in the readme.txt file.

Hicks233 - - 120 comments

Congratulations on the release!

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Shletten - - 44 comments

The most incredible Unreal map I've played.

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