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New dev team members, hammer errors, the day to day stuff of creating a mod...the daily grind, so to speak.

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What's going on?

Well, progress has been slow. Like REALLY slow. Slower than a dead snail on a hot sidewalk in the middle of Ammarillo. But, we are still alive. And, I'm happy to say that "we" is the correct term here. I am pleased to announce that i've gotten applications from members artelier-k and Archnagel.

What will they be doing?

Artelier-k will be producing amazing paintings to be used as one-of-a-kind textures, or so I believe. Also, her boyfriend Ivan will (hopefully) be making models for the mod. Woot!
Archnagel, on the other hand, will be making beautiful concept art with photoshop and also finally making the official website of ZPBMproductions/OutlawPeteProductions, my two "companies," so to speak, handling film production and mod production, respectively. As soon as I get a PM back from Archnagel, I hope to have the site up in no time.

Anything else I have to say?

Heheh. Nope. And sorry, no pretty pictures for you to look at this time.
But before I forget, does anyone know how to fix the hammer viewport error that came with the recent SDK update? I can't see anything in the 2D screens, effectively rendering me unable to do anything. Please help!
Also, if anyone would like to see artelier-k's and Archnagel's profiles, they are at and respectively. In addition, Archnagel has a portfolio up at Thanks!

And so I say farewell for now...

Farewell for now!



The hammer problem works for me, if you select a brush or entity the grid appears. Not to mention it also works in standard HL2, and that can be used for short temporary work. Annoying, yes, but it dosent render you helpless lol.

Oh and glad you got some new team members :)

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FreakySoup Author

i tried that, but in standard hl2 the 3d view is not visible, and then it randomly crashed. so, eh, any other ideas?

and thanks =)

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