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A list of the obstacles you will encounter in Little Wisp and the methods needed to destroy them. Additional dangers that they may pose are also mentioned in this article.

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The Obstacles (In order of appearance).

 photo Rock_Still_Thumb.png  photo Rock_Break_Thumb.png

If the wisp touches the rock it will be in pain. Avoid this by tapping the Rock
with your finger to break it.

 photo Log_Still_Thumb.png
 photo Log_Break_Thumb.png
Similar to the Rock, the Log will also hurt the wisp. Avoid this by swiping the

Log with your finger and cleaving it in two.

Crystal Crate
 photo CrystalCrate_Still_Thumb.png  photo CrystalCrate_Break_Thumb.png

This will hurt the wisp on contact. Tap it to break it.

Spider Web
 photo SpiderWeb_Still_Thumb.png  photo SpiderWeb_Break1_Thumb.png  photo SpiderWeb_Break2_Thumb.png

A sticky, tricky obstacle that causes the wisp pain. You must swipe the Spider
Web TWICE to completely destroy it.

Ice Rock
 photo IceRock_Still_Thumb.png  photo IceRock_Break1_Thumb.png  photo IceRock_Break2_Thumb.png

This is the most painful of all obstacles. The Ice Rock requires TWO TAPS to be destroyed and must be eliminated quickly if you want to be effective in-game.

Frozen Vine
 photo FrozenVine_Still_Thumb.png  photo FrozenVine_Break_Thumb.png

Crashing into this sharp ice will cause much harm. The Frozen Vine can only be
swiped and not tapped to ensure destruction.

Lava Rock
 photo LavaRock_Still_Thumb.png  photo LavaRock_Break_Thumb.png

The Lava rock stands tall, hindering your path. Tap it to destroy it and avoid
damage to the Little Wisp.

Lava Gate
 photo LavaGate_Still_Thumb.png  photo LavaGate_Break_Thumb.png

A strange anomaly that shoots fireballs in your direction. Use a swipe to
quickly destroy the gate whilst DODGING
the incoming fireballs.

Ancient Rubble
 photo AncientRubble_Still_Thumb.png  photo AncientRubble_Break_Thumb.png

The Ancient Rubble is similar to the rocks featured in this game. Tap them to
destroy them.

Fallen Pillar
 photo FallenPillar_Still_Thumb.png  photo FallenPillar_Break_Thumb.png

Fallen pillars are wide and cover most of the path. Be quick to swipe them and
destroy them efficiently.

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