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About the Nod Campaign, including a full list of Mission Names. Also some background info on the process of creating the Mission Names and Summary's. Including Info about the Missions from Kane's Wrath, Tiberium Wars... and New Missions.

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About the Update:

Well... after all these weeks, I finally thought of a new update for C&C:TW3. While my old computer was dying (it gave blue-screens when firing a Superweapon in C&C3), I was working on the story and campaign missions for the Nod Campaign (everything done on my laptop). I couldn't figure out in what order they should be, until I found a nice time-line. So I worked out the right order, and came to the conclusion, that I wasn't satisfied... in fact, I wasn't satisfied at all. Suddenly, the EPILOGUE of the Campaign consisted of two missions, while all the ACT's and the PROLOGUE consisted of at least five missions. So I went on thinking what to do, because I didn't like it at all. I even thought five was a bit low for an ACT. So then I started a discussion with the other developer, and we decided that I needed to not only re-write missions from RTS to FPS, but I also needed to write FPS-missions. In first, I thought I only needed to write Missions for Scrin and GDI. Resulting in the final completion of the Nod Campaign. The Only changes could be applied during the process.

The Kane's Wrath Missions are named with hints about the Missions, and the Tiberium Wars Missions are named after their location. I have combined these two, so I have searched for the locations of the Kane's Wrath Missions, and I have thought up hints for the Tiberium Wars Missions, please comment on those. Also about the naming, the New Missions are only given by name and place. If you want to know more about them, wait for new updates and releases. Now you can only guess

I have highlited the Kane's Wrath Original Missions with Red Numbers, the Tiberium Wars Original Missions with Blue ones, and the newley written ones with Green, and Italic

The Nod Campaign:

1 - Sarajevo - Temple Prime Rebuild
2 - Rio de Janeiro - Rio Insurrection
3 - Australian Cost - What is Rightfully Ours
4 - Northern Australia - The Technology of Peace
5 - Australia - Persuade Him...
6 - Central Australia - A Grand Gesture...
7 - South Africa - Blinding the Eagle


8 - Johannesburg - Keys to the Kingdom
9 - Western United States - All that Glitters
10 - Goddard Space Center - The Eagle's head
11 - The Pentagon - Infiltration
12 - Andrews Air Force Base - So much for Support...
13 - Washington DC - Another Morale Attack
14 - The White House - The Power of Suggestion
15 - Hampton Roads - The Gateway to America

16 - Amazon Desert - Tiberium Weaponry
17 - Atlantic Coast - The Guns of the Amazon
18 - Cairo - A fight on Holy Ground
19 - Central Africa - ZOCOM investigation
20 - Chile - The Doctor Vanishes
21 - Central Africa - MARV Rising
22 - Slovenia - Liquid Tiberiums' Secret
23 - Montenegro - MARV assembled
24 - Sarajevo - The Siege of Temple Prime
25 - Sarajevo - The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar
26 - Sarajevo - The Last Step


27 - Sarajevo - The Visitors Arrive
28 - Outback - Intercepting Preparations
29 - Sydney City Wall - The Codes of Destruction
30 - Downtown Sydney - Kane Lives!
31 - Uganda - Hearts and Minds
32 - New South Wales - Purifying Australia
33 - Ayers Rock - A sad Day for the Brotherhood
34 - Germany - The Battle of Berne

35 - Northern Italy - The Catalyst to the Final Stage
36 - Southern Italy - Operation Stiletto
37 - China Mainland - Tacitus Interruptus
38 - Italian Hills - The Key to Kane's Plans
39 - Cyprus - Alien Logistics
40 - Southern Italy - Kane's Tower

41 - Russia - Will Made Flesh
42 - Eastern United States - Reclamation in Progress
43 - Australia - Another Grand Gesture
44 - Ireland - GDI's administration

45 - The Rocky Mountains - Tacitus Regained

Last Notes:

17 Tiberium Wars Missions
13 Kane's Wrath Missions
15 New Missions

In Total: 45 Missions in the Nod Campaign

Off Course the Ending will be the same one as the Kane's Wrath ending, so you will get to see the same Scrin Text (I've Translated it to English):


I will also set up a Download, with it, you can download the actual Scrin-Font


Cool 45 missions.

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