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Hello! And welcome to The Escaper's Corner! Here, I will post daily about the progress of this mod, along with exclusive screenshots of each level finished!

If you want to see what Duke Nukem Forever is like, but you never tried it yet, you should, as it can give you an idea on how this mod will work. I HEAVILY recommend this Repo here:

In this section of the page, I will update this daily with what has finished and what needs improving!

  • Map05 is a bit longer, but it does need some more decoration.
  • I obviously need to do Maps 6-8, along with a "The End" level.
  • Need to add a lot of misc. decor (chairs, paintings, ETC.), along with stuff that expand the lore of Escaper.

This should be it for the list! In every update, I will add a new bullet or replace a bullet when it is already done for and finished. When the game come out on the 20th of June, there should be no more bullets.

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