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In here we have: Small details about the mod, some things involving the story, and a small excerpt of script from the mod's script for people to review. Also, a small thing that may become a reality.

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Hello there, and welcome to our latest update!

I would like to ask forgiveness for any overexcited speech that may occur in here, I was recently watching a very hyperactive comedy and it may have dragged onto me. Anyway, onto the update!

Since our last update, we've obtained a scripter. So progress on the mod will begin falling into place sometime soon. Also, there's talk of a possible contest to all those people excited about the mod. You'll hear more about that later, I'm quite sure.

Further information about the mod is that at the moment, we've decided to have a small character reoccurring in the story, but nothing is going to be said about this character just yet except that they're going to try and give you every piece of information that will come in handy before a mission.

And now, something I mentioned a while back, I'm going to be posting an excerpt from the first mission under control of the RPD, the introduction. Please note this is all alpha and it is possible it may change.


This level begins with the camera moving forward down a street, as if it
were attached to the front of a vehicle. The current street is a
suburban one, suburban homes all around. The credits begin playing on
the screen, those of the creators of the original game's modding
abilities, and the mod team which created this mod. The vehicle takes
a right turn and begins moving into a smaller commercial district on
the edge of downtown. As this happens, the sound of a radio turning
on is heard, and as the view continues moving down streets with
credits rolling, a news reporter’s voice takes over.

Good Morning, Raccoon. Our top story this morning continues to be the
large Umbrella donation to the 'Raccoon Beautification Project',
which for those who don't know, is a large-scale project currently
being conducted between City Hall and the Umbrella Corporate
Headquarters in effort to bring new parks and sleeker, more modern
building styles to our city.”

At this point, continues straight into the downtown area, and stops,
spinning around to an RPD patrol car coming straight at it. The
camera rises above the police car, and spins around to follow it, it
makes another right turn continuing to follow the patrol car from a
little higher up in the sky.

In the background, the theme for the mod begins playing, the news anchor
having been talking through all this. “Also in our top stories this
morning is a large vehicle accident which took place last night just
outside of the city. Police believe that speed was a factor that
began the accident, and it escalated from there.”

The police car's lights flash on, and a moment later it picks up speed,
making a left turn onto what seems to be a larger, main street, still
in downtown.

Our final top story today is what seems to be a larger calling rate to
the local 911 system. It seems in the past evening, there's been
several reports of what we believe to be unidentified attacks. By the
time police officers could respond, however, it seems that all
attackers had vanished...Hold on, it seems we're getting a report in
now. A man, reportedly dressed like a homeless person, has begun
attacking people in the street outside the Central Tram Station.
Police officers are on the way as we speak. More on this story as it

This marks the end of the introduction to "The First Hour." I hope you've found this update informative!



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