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Scrapped the "Brush-Moon" map, making a storyline, and a new minigame.

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Okay, I decided to scrap that WIP map I did (Brush-Based moon, what was I thinking?) and I am in the process of Making two sort of, "Game-Modes". There will be Story mode where the player will traverse from Point A to Point B, but there will be a massive shortage of ammo, health etc. So it will hopefully make the mod challenging. The second; "Survival" will be in the locations of the 6 "Story mode Maps" but you will have to survive against an Endless onslaught of, Zombies.

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I like the survival idea! Story sounds like it would be fun too. I like some of the other zombie mods but they require you to play with other people and over time that can get kinda old. I like being able to play by myself sometimes too. Theres not always someone to play with.

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