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I have a little problem with the model for the Centurion heavy cruiser. It looks cool, but it's not enough for the Ravager. Is there someone with a new model and skin for it? And I have a new hardpoint system what I would like to present to you:

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Point defence anti fighter lasercannons,
Heavy anti ship laser cannons,
Light turbolasers,
Heavy turbolasers.

These will be the new weapons you will see ingame. Ofcourse the conclussion misslelauncher and proton torpedo launchers are still in, but they remain largelly unchanged. I consider taking out the massdrivers entiarly. Because they look cool, they sound cool, but if you look at other shield penetrating weapons, massdrivers are just weaker and inefficient.

Now back to the lasers.
Point defence lasers are medium range, for corvettes and frigates and can only shoot at fighters and bombers.
Heavy anti ship lasercannons are the standard lasercannons. Medium range, medium power but not able to shoot at fighters and bombers.
Light turbolasers are a recent development in the universe 4000 year before the movies (in my oppinion though) and are only for the heavyer frigates and capitalships. High range and medium power.
Heavy turbolasers, these experimental guns are massive, take a lot of space, and consume power like you consume water on a day where it is 45 degrees C. So only the real big guys will have these: Paladins, inexpucables and Centurions. High range and high power. Only able to shoot at frigates and capitalships. You don't shoot at an aircraft with a artillerypiece do you?

Now I don't mean that you can use capital ships as artillery. Arti will be a problem, because I don't know any long range ships from that time. Maybe it's time for thinking a little creative and some suggestions from you.

How would the standard republic interdictor be if it had light turbolasers modified for long range combat? Or give the Sith some strange missle artillery ship? Anyway, as long as the sides are not so similar like in original FoC. Looks good in my oppinion, what's your idea?

EDIT: Corvette light lasercannons wíll be able to shoot at everything

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