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The process of adding new features, coming up with interesting idea's, and not breaking the game while pushing updates live!

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So many new idea's, so little time!

Space Grunts is now into it's 25th update (woohoo!) and the game only keeps getting better. Some weeks it's hard coming up with new idea's and improvements, and then the next week suddenly I see so many things I could add or improve on.

This week was one of the better ones, I looked at various other "rogue-like" games for idea's and concepts, and managed to add some new and interesting twists to Space Grunts.

With every update the game feels more and more solid and bigger than ever. However, working with a live-game and active players makes it a bit tricky and scary pushing updates. Last update I managed to break some things making the game actually crash. Luckily such a bad-update rarely happens, but I'm only human after all.

So this week I fixed a lot of little bugs, including the stupid hack-key crash bug, the decoy-ducky bugs, and on top of all that managed to come up with a bunch of new ideas and features (hopefully not breaking new stuff)

You'll now have a nice level-progress bar, which will show you how close you got to completing the game. It's displayed at the start of your level, in the map screen, and on the game-over screen (making for some nice screenshots).

I also added a bunch of new "rare" and pretty powerful items, with some achievements attached to them.

Some experiments with camera-control for special events (I hope to have some interesting special events in future updates that use this) and just a lot of cool stuff.

and some more balancing.. as always feedback is welcome and very much useful!


  • added: level-progress to chapter name, map screen and game-over screen
  • fix: music-volume on/off setting had some bugs


  • added item: ancient orbs atlas
  • added item: ancient orbs detox
  • added item: ancient orbs portalus
  • added item: ancient orbs extender
  • added item: adrenaline
  • added item: secret-room detector (perma-item)
  • added item: spider-nest detector (perma-item)
  • added item: weapon-upgrade detector (perma-item)
  • added item: Gaia statue (?!)
  • added: quack sound to the decoy duck
  • added: squeel sound to mommy spiders
  • added: camera-focus effects for specific events
  • added: “chatsound” to the “secret area” speech bubble
  • added: achievement “Escape zombie attack”
  • added: achievement “Use Gaia”
  • change: aliens will chase duckies more aggressively
  • change: weapon-upgrade now more likely
  • change: speech bubbles partly translucent
  • change: increased rate of NPC spawning
  • change: electric-fences now also disable with hack-key
  • fix: hack-key / cpu access crashing the game
  • fix: aliens chasing “invisible” ducky (once you shot it)
  • fix: various minor text bubble bugs
  • fix: ducky scaring aliens instead of luring them
  • fix: 1-square dark-wall render bug
  • fix: railgun now also goes through broken-alien pods
  • fix: destroyed poles now also remove their flags
  • fix: stopped space-cube from spawning when already at max
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