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Here we go guys! The new build for Chronicles of Myrtana 2.1 is finally ready!

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The new build is completed, guys.

Now, I'll send it back to my Russian team-mates and we will add the last new units that have just been created.

Once done, the new MONSTROUS 2.1 version will be unleashed!!

Hold on, the NAMELESS HERO is landing ahah!!


What has been changed? And also, will we also have a patch too instead of only a download with full 2.1?

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A change log would be great, yes!

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rafmc1989 Author

Hehe guys, I'd say "what has been not changed"!

Basically, the mod has been completely overhauled, we just have to put in the last remaining new units, do a general test before publishing and, then, we are done. From now on the core mod is set, and it won't change in future releases. This means the core elements of the mod have been completed, so we will not modify them anymore.

Of course, btw, new features, new interface, new graphics, new units, new UI, new pics for units, new buildings, better and better text descriptions and other minor additions will be figuring in any new version, once we complete them each time.

To raise the hype, I'll resume quickly the overhaul that has been done:

- new animations
- new loading screens
- new interface
- new graphics
- new factions
- new icons
- new units & ships
- new buildings
- better quality in terms of English texts
- both new strat map and battle map models for units and characters
- new pics (for units and events), new UI cards for units, new UI interface for buildings, replaced all image placeholders (I'm 99% sure there is no placeholder left! :D)
- new ancillaries
- new character traits
- several changes on strat map, both settlement placement and resources placement
- new configurations and altered parameters in terms of battle mechanics (like killing rate, shooting precsion, etc.)
- BRAND NEW EDU, complete overhaul compared to past (this is something I'm betting a lot, I'm sure you'll like it!)
- alterations in campaign XML files
- alterations in movement points and costs/upkeep for agents
- new names for characters
- alteration in projectile mechanics
- alterations in settlement_mechanics (basically, the mod is now set in HARDCORE VERSION. Your campaign will be harder, disorder higher, parameters for growing higher, and other elements in the file adjusted as well)
- new scripts for the main campaign (while the work for the regional/custom campaign will continue after the 2.1 release. For now, this campaign is still WIP)
- new victory conditions for all factions
- changed disposition and placement of troops, but also their experiences, upgrades and availability (generally, you wll have less armies at game start. While a few new buildings have been added to some settlements for the beginning)
- in line with the new edu, NEW BRAND MERCENARY SYSTEM as well (betting on this one, as well! :D ). Mercenaries will cost you more for both hiring/upkeep, but they will have a higher exp.
- other minor imperfections or elements not balanced, now fully revisited

Oh, gosh, I hope I didn't forgot anything. Although, I guess I missed something else ahaha :D

Hope you like it, guys!

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Hi! How many time we need to wait for it? I really want to play! :D

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