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This shows and talks about the improved act 1, act 2, and act 3 for the remaster update.

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FINALLY. Ive worked hard and added ALOT of content for the remastered Ghost In The Mannequin! The game is going to be a bit silly with SOME things, but its going to be awesome.

Menu: The menu is a dark, weird place. it has a bobbin recorder in plain view, to the sides of that are the act 1 and act final doors, behind it is a table, and behind that is the characters.

the room

above the characters there is a platform, you can get to it by a ladder. it has some stuff on it, but gives a good view of the room. to the right of the table there is the fear house door, and to the left there is act 2 and act 3 doors.

Screenshot 76

also, there is a SECRET path, leading to the Save the dummy door. (and yes that secret path is hidden.)

Screenshot 74

Act 1: i dont have many ideas for it, but its cool anyway.

Act 2: ok its the Tropical Act, it will be an island in the ocean, the water will have deadly fish, so you have to find SOME way to traverse it. There are floaties in the water. and the main house will be decked out in tropical style! With tropical drinks... tvs... and much much more! Its probably going to be the odd act out. But, it will be awesome. PS: there will be a demo for this act released BEFORE the full mod. So look out for that.

Act 3: Act 3 will be quite dark, and the house will be HUGE, unlike how act 3 is now. But when you beat act 3... thats when stuff goes wild.

Save The Dummy: YES, news on save the dummy! This mode will be REALLY different, it will kinda be like the hello neighbor hide and seek, but your goal is save the dummy. From...

Be hyped!

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