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On the other side of our release weekend, we would like to say thanks to all of you who downloaded and played our campaign. In total, it's already downloaded nearly 30.000 times and it's hard not to find a constant game in progress ingame. THose past days, people have been asking about the music of the campaign and we would like to elaborate on that.

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Over an hour of continuous minutes of music has been composed and produced for this campaign. It's one of the usual (and sometimes painful) things that some of the music is improved, rebuilt and sometimes cut altogether. The music in Dead Before Dawn ranges from symphonic orchestra, and lush piano pieces to ambient soundscapes and electronic tunes. For several locations like the mall and the parking rooftops, soundscapes have been custom created to serve as background noise which enriches the thematic environment the players as in. Scripts help the game to perform all these sounds on the right moment and create a sonic believable world.We would like to youresent you a few little extra's regarding our music.

1. Youtube extended DBD music reel:

This music reel on yourube gives you an idea which scores had been created to derrive the new infected music from. It also contains music that has been shrunk, deleted or remixed to suite the final ingame situation. It has all the nesescery annotations to help you keep track on what you are hearing.

2. Dead Before Dawn Piano version

This is a full piano rendition of the Dead Before Dawn musical theme (the theme you also hear when you approach a witch). Interesting here is that this piano "software" creates the sound by pure physical modeling, there are no real piano's or samples of pianos involved, it's pure mathematic. This is why some of the notes can exceed the range of existing true pianos and create an intense high or bass sound in this track.

3. Music Bonus Pack

This zip with mp3's contain entire scores, tryouts and other concept versions of the music for you to sift trough.

You might ask why the size of our campaign vpk is so big, well: we hope that this explains and warants the size a bit more to you!

Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

Wow, these are awesome.

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toutenkarton - - 4 comments

I liked all your SI sounds, they bring a better horror atmosphere to the game. I wonder, is there any chance for us, that you'll make a vpk file to replace original SI sounds with yours in all other official maps ?
Anyway, thanks a lot for porting this awesome campaign to Left 4 Dead 2 !

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CosmicD Author
CosmicD - - 125 comments

ah. Well I have one! But I'm kind of hesitating to upload it because it's somehow not finished. I need to test 2 methods to play mission specific music.

I think the SI music and playerdeath music isn't such a problem but if we look at the mission music (intro, safehouse etc) I can either spoof all map soundscripts of the stock maps, not sure yet if the engine will read it when playing standard files and if it would only read replacement script and wav files , the best way to do it is to clone my 2 safehouse music files for all 7 campaigns which will increase the file size alot.

Not sure yet. and I just hope it won't further cause game conflicts for ppl who already have dbd installed.

Also It's hard to replace safehouse music because it has specific music for each campaign. I'll

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