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The Monster Update is in development, a patch focused on monster appearance and tactics updates. It will be the final patch of the private playtest before the Public Demo's launch.

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The Monster Update

Turn Based Combat in RPG Maker games is already predetermined by the engine, which can be a bit limiting for those who lack scripting know how. (I am such a person). This currently planned update addresses a few factors. First of all, the update of all monster designs to a custom appearance within the combat system, and to also add the following: Monster Types: Depending on the type of monster encountered, player classes may be either stronger or weaker than a certain monster type. For example, Mages are weak against Beasts, but Beasts are weaker than Fighters and Hunters.

In addition, each class will gain an innate skill allowing them to do even more damage to a certainclass of monster. Fighters have two. Holy Smite, which damages dark aligned creatures like undead ordemons, and Amputate, which affects Beasts, Humanoids, Abominations, and similar creatures.
As mentioned before, monsters get new tactics thanks to the Monster Update. An example of this is the Pito. The Pito now have a stats buff, as well as some extra abilities to throw you off. Some races will be getting more diverse members, Pitos have four types so far: Grunt, Warrior, Magi, Shaman.

These changes are to help improve the combat experience in the game, and make it more enjoyable. This is likely to be the final patch added to the Private Demo, which will contain the full storyline of SR:MT Chapter 1. As of writing this update, I have just finished inking seven more monster types and will be soon
working on adding them to the game.

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