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Here it is ladies and gents, the moment you've all been waiting for.

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So without further ado, i now present to you the Maze Ball 2.0

New Maze Ball

The new Maze Ball is faster, smoother, sleeker more streamlined and most of all it doesn't get stuck :).

Now the serious bit.

So iv'e been learning the very basics of Softimage XSI how to create a model and export it into the correct places to be recognized and work correctly within the source engine. This goes straight into my newly working 2013 SDK. The old ball i created within the hammer editor and used around 68 triangles, this new version which iv'e so carefully modeled myself contains just over 1000 triangles and is amazingly smooth. Now that i have the basics of this process down i may add a few more bits and bobs including a pickaxe to replace the crowbar.

In the meantime be sure to checkout the current download and as always, enjoy :).

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