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Finally my teaser for the upcoming custom story : The Darkness is out ! Go take a look in the videos section ! For more informations on the custom story please read below in the content section.

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To view the video go in the video section quick !

Here my (firsts) maps/levels including encounters,roofs,keys and locks,commentaries,convex/concave,script (lot),etc...
I know there is a lot of problems in the map that i didn't saw so please make a feedback with the error you see or just to say your opninion about the map,and if you can,please,record a video when you play ^^
I will now work on the ch01,the chamber 02,etc...and make a full trilogy (3 Chapters)
Here what i plan for the moment,(I won't show next chambers after chamber 02 for making you the surprise)
Chamber 00 : Mansion /!\RELEASED/!\
Chamber 01 : Prison /!\JUST RELEASED/!\
Chamber 02 : No more Water Sorry /!\WORKING ON/!\
Chamber 02 - To do list :
Current Advancement : 30%

Traductions (0%)
Scary Sounds (0%)
Level Editing (25%)
Walls (20%)
Roofs (10%)
Scripts (5%)
Lights (5%)
Billboards (0%)
Particles & Effects (15%)
Locks and Keys (0%)
Convex & Concaves (5%)
Furniture & Stuffs (10%)
No Water ! (100%)
Secret Stuff !.....Ok adding something scary in Prison Script (100%)
Removing some abusive breath (100%)
Fixing Prison Bugs (100%)

Chamber 03 : ?? 10%
Chamber 04 : ?? XX%

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